a little help from my friends (& fam!)

i’m moving! which is so exciting! and scary! and expensive!

during the process of packing up my life and following my dreams, i have been stressing about a lot of stuff. i have so much to sort, and to get rid of (aka donate!) and i have to get myself and my cat physically and emotionally ready for a flight to our destination 2,000 miles away.

a few friends have come forward, asking if they could help out, financially. i was a little reluctant at first, but the truth is that a little help could go a long way, and i would be a fool to turn down the kindness of those who care about me. so, i am opening the floor, in case others would like to help, too.

here is what your donation would currently help fund:
*finalizing all of the flight details (my cat’s airline ticket [which is more expensive than mine! lol], checked bag tickets, etc.
*misc. items like a new harness & leash for taking oliver through airline security, etc.
*the cost of mailing some of my harder-to-fly-with items to california
*any other tiny thing that comes up, outside of the scope of my current budget

i don’t like the idea of a gofunme style campaign, because i don’t want to have a big flashy number in everyone’s faces, and i value the wish for people to do this behind the scenes, and not have their names out in the open. using paypal also gives both of us a secure, fee-free way to transfer funds. (the possible downside is that you won’t be able to be anonymous to me — but the silver lining is that i will be able to easily reward you for your generosity!)

if there is any way that you would like to lend a hand that doesn’t involve cash money, i would love to brainstorm! this is quite the process and i am happy to accept all the help i can get.

thanks so much for your well wishes & kindness!

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