almost ready for take off

4 days until i’m leaving on a jet plane.

a lot of friends are reaching out to see me one last time, and to them i say: sorry babes, but i threw three events for a reason. this week is chaos. but i love you just the same. maybe next time!

packing is reaching a comfortable level but there are still a lot of things to contend with, and what feels like zero time. (i have plenty of time.) i've been looking into women’s shelters that i can donate gently used health and beauty products to, and have five bags of clothes ready to get donated, as well. whew!

oh, and today i’m going to practice sitting on a bunch of giant ziplock bags full of clothes, in efforts to get everything that i want to take into the one suitcase designated for clothes. it could go well or terribly. i’m excited to find out.

this week oliver and i will visit the vet and have him fully sorted and ready to go! once he’s all taken care of, most of my worries will be gone.

these posts are a little uneventful lately, and probably not the most exciting read, but mapping it out is helping me come to terms with the timeline of tasks that still lie ahead, so if you’ve been following along, i commend you.

it’s snowed a bunch in the last 24 hours, which i’m pretty excited about! i have a few more times to tromp around in the snow before heading off to the land of warmth.

time to run errands! i’m off to be annoyed with how expensive luggage tags probably are. until next time! thanks for reading!

if you wanna drop a tiny donation to help me get all of the minor things taken care of sooner than later, visit me on paypal. any tiny amount helps and is extremely appreciated.

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