tomorrow is the big day & i’m a bit of a mess!

moving is emotional stuff, man. just straight up bonkers. i have had a great group of supportive, loving folks in my life — especially lately — and i don’t know what to say, aside from thank you. truly.

here’s what the next 24 hours are looking like:

6:30am: my grandpa, father & i get breakfast
7:30am: we pick up oliver and head towards chicago
10:30am: oli & i check in and go through the motions of airport
12:40pm: take off from midway
1:50pm: land in kansas city
2:55pm: take off from kansas city
4:35pm: land in los angeles
4:40pm: sneak away into a corner and feed my probably grumpy cat
4:45pm: home free!

oh, and what a day it will be!

i’ve been saying a lot of goodbyes lately, and it feels absolutely surreal. i have a hard time grasping this fully, as this is my first time moving far away. but i am optimistic that i will be able to maintain the more important connections online, and that i’ll see many of them again. one can hope!

i have a little packing left to do, and then i’m all set. dan has offered to contend with the larger items i’m getting rid of, which is a huge weight off of my shoulders. i’m glad to have such a nice friend to help me out in the final moments of this whole thing. in fact, several wonderful people have been so helpful, i don’t know what i would do without any of you. ❤

money is stressful, but as long as i find work quickly, i will be alright. and i can’t imagine it’ll be too hard for me to find a cooking job (or two, if needed, for a bit) so i am trying not to stress about that too much. i have everything but the checked bags & cat fee out of the way so we’re pretty much smooth sailing, at this point.

with that said, i’m still not too proud to extend the opportunity one last time to anyone who would like to pitch in a couple bucks to the trip. i have only continued to include my paypal link at the end of every blog post because close friends & family have asked about it, and the donations i’ve already received have made a huge impact on our chances of getting out there and doing the thing. it’s truly been huge and i cannot thank you all enough (but i will continue to try.)

that’s all, for now!

i look forward to describing how the flight went, this time tomorrow. hopefully i’ll have some funny anecdotes about a very well behaved cat traveling 2,000 miles for the first time. especially considering i have to take him out of his carrier and hold him as we go through security… let’s hope that this 11lb fur ball is well behaved and does’t try any funny business.

fingers crossed!

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