Updates on Mister Kitty

Today we went to the vet!

Today was the magical day! Vet day!

Last week, I wrote about some digestive issues that he had been having, which hadn’t cleared up much since this morning.

It started out a little stressful for Oliver, who wasn’t too pleased to be in his cat carrier once again, but as soon as we got to the vet, he was very well behaved.

His weight, fur, skin, teeth, eyes, heart and lungs all seemed normal/in good shape. The vet didn’t feel any backed up poo, and said that he just feels a little gassier than normal.

She prescribed an antibiotic for him to take, just in case there’s a parasite in his tummy that she wasn’t able to detect, and once I’m able to capture the perfect sample, we’re going to get his poo tested. In the meantime she’s also given us a bunch of bland food and a probiotic to help regulate him. Fingers crossed that this all works out.

The bill wound up being $100 more than I anticipated, and the vet did not take Care Credit or accept a payment plan, but anything for my sweet kitty! As long as he’s happy and healthy, I’m able to sleep at night.

Thanks again to everyone who donated to help us out, and who offered advice and checked in to see how we’re doing. It means a lot! I truly could not have been able to afford this vet visit without the help of everyone who pitched in, so thank you so much! ❤

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