A Le Salon Manicure — The Best!

My Digital Mums story

I’d been through many career highs and lows during 15+ years in marketing, from the ‘big’ job to redundancy and then running my own marketing consultancy. Meanwhile, I’d been a single mum for over a decade, always attempting to balance work and life.

Last year I found myself asking myself big questions. What did I truly enjoy? What was I really good at? Was being freelance right for me? Which skills were in demand? I realised I might be a little stuck and the only way out was to take action.

I decided that a no-brainer would be to enhance my digital skills. So I signed up to Digital Mums social media marketing associate course which I’d heard about on the grapevine. The course involves working on a live campaign with a programme partner (PP). Mine, Le Salon, is an on-demand service delivering professional nail and waxing services to the customer at home, in the office or at the hotel.

What Was The Objective?

Le Salon had a healthy presence on various social channels and was building quite an audience, the goal now was to engage with the community on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. And to gain a greater understanding of what was working and what wasn’t.

What Was The Best Bit?

It was brilliant to dive right in and be given total responsibility by my PP for the strategy, the creative and implementation of the campaign. I loved coming up with the concept and being given free rein to execute it. I particularly enjoyed learning about all the ‘hacks’ and the amazing tools available, although there’s a bit too much choice! The Founder of my PP, Natasha Pilbrow, has been a delight to work with — open and warm with a fun, dynamic and purposeful business.

It was a thrill that my PP was happy for me to offer far more than social media insight. She welcomed my strategic branding and PR advice which was great. And it was interesting to work with a growing, entrepreneurial business that is really going places.

A truly rewarding aspect of the training is the peer to peer support. I worked in a group of five women. We have shared many highs and lows over the six months and have been able to get to know each other’s campaign, their different strategies and tactics required to execute them has been enlightening — it’s almost been like having five clients. It’s also been fun making some lovely new friends.

Was There A Downside?

It was certainly challenging managing the weekly lessons, the assignments, designing and running a live campaign as well as being a mum, coping with my part time job and running a household. There have been technical aspects that have eclipsed me and the vertical learning curve continues. Whilst I have been doing the course there have been almost daily platform innovations. Keeping up with social media is not for the faint-hearted and the pace of the training was, at times, relentless.

The ‘Aha’ Moment

This was understanding that there is no one right way forward in the social media world. In fact, I was reminded of something blindingly obvious by someone very influential in social media marketing, that no-one has a crystal ball. The world of social media is changing so quickly and every audience and business is different. Continual monitoring, test and refine is the only way to win. The knack is being agile and imaginative. Er, and fast!

Now What?

I am not going to continue with my PP, although she has kindly provided a glowing testimonial. I enjoy the buzz and the variety of strategy consultancy (across the digital marketing and online personal branding sphere) and training and I already have new clients and enquiries. I have set up my website — Clare Jones London.

I have also started my next course, a social media video training intensive, which is both entertaining and useful. The future is video! And I am a course junkie believing that…

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.
Chinese Proverb

Would I Recommend Digital Mums?

If you want a rollercoaster introduction to the world of social media, it’s definitely for you. It’s hard work, but it will give you a great head start, a fantastic support network, some very marketable skills and renewed confidence and vigour.

Wishing you all the best in your journey.

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