Brief one… I mean it… It will be brief for real

I was watching something on Nigeria’s history and I realized that the major reason Nigeria recovered from the oil price drop induced mess in the 80s was because of the first gulf war not because we found a solution or changed some fundamentals.

Maybe that is where our hope lies because we seem to be making the same decisions we did then. Who knows, someone may block the strait of Hormuz in the next few months and oil may go to $80+.

Maybe that is why we need prayers. Maybe we need to make this a prayer point at every prayer meeting, church or Mosque.

FADA! Send war to the nations of the middle east (that will affect oil supply)

or even better

FADA! Block the strait of Hormuz by fire and maybe brimstone

Kai, this is such a Nigerian situation, waiting (and maybe praying)for others to slip up so that we can manage to coast along. Just like in the group stage of almost every senior football tournament or qualifier we have been in. The thing is that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Well fun fact, it took about 10 years of economic turmoil, for the Nigerian god to show us favour in his/her own way and in some cases he doesn’t help us when it comes to those football tournaments, but hey don’t let that stop your prayer sessions.

I mean, let us all keep talking diversification at conferences while taking steps that negate that, there is no need to consider the feasibility of running a 300m people economy on only oil by (2050), no hurries, no worries…..

it is well

god will provide

have faith

god is a Nigerian

our breakthrough is coming

I said this will be brief… let me stop….

Most of the above may be sarcasm, or Trump sarcasm…..

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