The wolf and the moon.

The wolf and the moon

No greater love was as pure as lone wolf love for his Indian princess’ name white swan. She was the apple of his eyes. Atlas their love was forbidden as she was promised to another one name flying eagle. A loveless match between the white swan and flying eagle as she didn’t love him like she loves lone wolf. Lone wolf and white swan would sneak off to be together in different areas. They would steal a moment of blissful heaven in each other arms before returning to the tribe later that day with heavy hearts. Their hearts intertwined each other ‘s hearts. Their sole desire was to be together at all times. But tribal law stated otherwise, that each of the girls had to be paired off with the desired mate. This broke white swan’s heart as she long to be with lone wolf. He was her true love and one and only love. Lone wolf heart was very heavy knowing his beloved white swan was in emotional pain and would try to think of ways to smoothed her pain. Flying Eagle could care less if his mate to be was not happy. She was just a procession he had to have. A trophy to hang on to, and he wasn’t about to give her up. The chief of the tribe fast wind suspected them of sneaking out to be together but said nothing to the other tribe about it. As he was not happy about the white swan and flying eagle union together as well. For many moons, the two tribe pair off their girl’s to be bonded with others from the tribes. It stopped a war between the two tribes and ensured peace. A senseless war which cost many of each tribe’s lives. Lone wolf heart was not well, he could feel white swan emotional pain as if it was his own. He knew he had only one chance to win her love and be with her. To win her freedom from flying eagle and It was a challenge between him and flying eagle. The challenge had to be made on the night of the full moon as that’s when the arranged wedding would take place. So he decided he would fight for her.

The full moon was fast approaching lone wolf pray to the gods to grant him the wisdom to beat flying eagle. He trained hard day and night to beat flying eagle in the challenge. He knew his skills at hand to hand combat would be tested. As well as his skills with a bow and arrow. Lone wolf was a skilled hunter with his bow and his hands. A great provider for his tribe when it came to protecting them and providing food as well. So he was hopeful that he would beat flying eagle in combat and the test of skills too. As the last day came white swan cuddled in lone wolf arms. They talk about their future together. She smiles as she looks into his eyes and her smile made him feel a bliss that only love could bring them. As their time came to an end, lone wolf kisses white swan’s lips. With tears in his eyes, he let her go for the night. He knew the next night the challenge would set her free or trapped her dooming her to a loveless wedding. And he also knew that she was depending on him to win too. He wasn’t about to let her down too. Before letting her go for the night. He whispers into her ear that he would always love her. And his love would find a way of keeping them together. A tear ran down her cheek as she listens to his words. She whispers back to him that she would as well find a way to make their love everlasting. With that, her hand slowly pull away from his hand and she vanished from his sight. And with them, he retired to his sleeping tent. Dreams of her and him fill his mind, warm his heart and gave him hope of having her love.

As the wedding was getting under way he stepped forward to challenge flying eagle. This stopped the wedding till the victor of the challenge would be decided. Flying Eagle already decided he wasn’t going to lose at any cost. As combat started lone Eagle defeated flying eagle with no problems at all. His training pay off. The test of the bow and arrow ended as well in favor of lone wolf. He had won the challenge to be with white swan. He had free her from flying eagle cruel intentions. White swan arms embraced lone wolf a sweet victory for them both. The flying eagle was not happy with the out come of the challenge. And he drew his bow letting his arrow fly forward. It hit its mark striking white swan piercing heart and gazing lone wolf as it came through her chest. sadness fill his heart as he held her in his arms while she died on him. The sadness turns to rage as she had passed. His rage made him very beastly toward flying eagle and he charged toward him. A transformation occurring as he took on the form of his name. Flying Eagle fire off his arrows but they all missed their target. Lone wolf attack had ended flying eagle’s life. But in doing so he had cursed himself and white swan. No longer would they be in each other’s arm. They would be forever apart. White swan would be the moon and he would be the wolf that would howl for her on the nights of the full moon.

The tragedy ended the arranged weddings between the two tribes as their hearts were heavy from what had happened. But it had come too late for lone wolf and white swan to be together. He would roam the forest as a wolf forever missing white swan. A love story that would be told and passed down to each tribe on how love had to grow and not force upon two people. On the nights of the full moon, lone wolf howl could be heard over vast distance calling out to his love white swan. And he passed it down to the other wolves teaching them to howl at the moon as well.

This is my take on why the wolves howl at the moon. I gave it a romantic spin as I am a romantic at heart. Rather it’s true or not. We will never know. But I love to think that love can transcend all boundaries if It’s pure at heart. I hope you enjoy this story of mine as much as I enjoy writing it. Check out below for other kewl features as well.

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