Also, since you seem to have missed it, this is a dream of a world that never had men.

There’s plenty of hate in this story for men, and denying it — because there is not an overt call to androcide, is either delusional, or dishonest.

First, there’s the declaration of inherent moral superiority: Oh, the world would be a paradise if only we could get rid of those evil men!

Then there is the plaintive plea: Oh, won’t those bad men go away, and let US (meaning me, and my upper middle class sisters) have a chance at running things. Totally ignoring the fact that women already formally run lots of things, and , informally, lots more. Peace on Earth is somehow asserted, despite the already existent historical fact of warlike harpies such as Hillary Clinton and Margaret Thatcher.

There’s plenty of privileged whines about SPACE: how women need it because of those EVIL men, but how they don’t have any. Somehow the existence of ALL FEMALE colleges, all female gyms (Curves) , all female business groups , all female choirs, all female Domestic Violence shelters (and often not a one for any males whatsoever) , all female pop groups, and etc and etc and etc.

Yes, women are perfectly fine with sex segregation so long as they are the ones doing it. But let men have a private gym or a private space and suddenly they are outraged.

Anyway, it’s largely men still experimenting at the genetic frontiers (even though biology is now mostly women in the US). It’s men dreaming of sexbots and other escapes from women like the one above. It will be a man or a team of largely men who will perfect the artificial womb. Recently , they learned how to fertilize sperm without eggs. The ironic thing is you can have your delusional feminist utopia if its built on the back of technology invented by men, just as the author typed her hateful screed on technology invented and maintained by men. The irony is delicious.

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