How Fire Dampers work?

The latest technology and new inventions are being made by the scientist to make our lives more convenient and safe. Convenient in a way that new types of products are discovered and invented to give us more breathing space and relaxation. And to keep us safe from any kind of hazards and accidents they are also playing a vital role.

In big buildings, centralized cooling and heating system is installed. The air whether it’s cold or warm, is provided through the duct system. But when we talk about any accident or a mishap like fire and blast etc, in these situations these ducts can be really harmful. It can be so, because the ducts are open and there is no hurdle or closing at any point in there, so the fire can spread through these ducts really quickly. For that reason the Fire Dampers can be really effective in saving us from the spread of fire quickly through these ducts.

How they work?

This product is made up of steel and they are placed over the different openings of the duct. The cool or warm air comes through these ducts via these dampers. Whenever there is a situation of fire or smoke these ducts covered with dampers, stops the fire and smoke to spread through the duct system. Hence, the smoke and fire are avoided from spreading through the duct system. If it is not prevented this way, the fire and smoke would spread through them really quickly to the other parts of the building. So in this way could result in to be really hazardous.


There is certainly a big benefit and that is, it prevents the spread of fire and smoke. But there are some other benefits which we will discuss.

  1. They are made up of strong steel under high temperature. So this product doesn’t heat up too quickly and don’t melt down.
  2. They are designed in a way that it allows the in coming, but the out going through them is not possible because of its structural design.
  3. If we are facing a horrible condition of fire or smoke, we can throw fire extinguishing air through the ducts. Hence, the fire can be extinguished and controlled quickly.

The invention of these Fire Dampers has made our lives easy. Now we can deal with any problem easily by using these products in our buildings. It has been found to be one of the greatest inventions of present time.