How To Increase The Comfort Level Of a Building?

Balanced air flow and temperature:

A balanced air quality must be ensured and with it good movement of air in the room or building so that the temperature remains to a degree of comfort in whole building. The distribution system should also make sure that low air velocity is also maintained so that the building temperature and air flow is neutral. Simply saying people inside the space shouldn’t feel the air flow system working there, that’s how smooth it should be.

Increase in comfort level:

The importance of air distribution can be felt where a poor system of air conditioning is not properly working or poor equipment is used. Poor regulation of air creates uncomfortable environment and temperature imbalance in a specific building, resulting in low comfort levels for the residents in the building. People often talk about the air conditioning system not working as it should be and they feel uncomfortable in a building. But in reality the equipment of HVAC like the grilles and diffusers are poorly installed or selected. Any low quality or cheaply bought piece of air distribution equipment can affect the whole conditioning structure costing million dollars.

Steps to create balance:

Balancing the air supply and ventilation in a building is not a difficult task and can be done by keeping a few simple things in mind. Creating a balance in the HVAC is very necessary as it makes a house or any building more comfortable and with it increases the efficiency of any building. The working proper of HVAC can also cut your monthly utility bills, which lessen the burden on you. Below are few steps that need to be taken to regulate the temperature and air flow of a building or a house.

Inspection of the rooms:

Check all the rooms of the house or the building. Go to each room and feel the temperature and decide which of them are cold and which of them are warm. Notes should be made about each room so when you decide to fix the things, these notes can help you in fixing the problems.

Remove blockages:

Thoroughly check each supply and return vents in all the rooms. Is there anything in front of them? Make sure none of them are blocked by the furniture or if anything is on top of them, remove it. All air flow passages whether in the wall or the ceiling should be blockage free to fully operate. These supply and vent pipes should be checked regularly to make sure they are properly working.

Adjust at you wish:

In any room if the temperature is too high or low, you can fix it yourself. You can adjust the air regulatory device by just moving the lever on it to increase or decrease the flow of air. For example in small rooms the device lever is almost closed so that only small amount of air comes out. But in larger rooms and spaces the lever will be adjusted so that more air can come to regulate the bigger room.

If you don’t use any room you can easily close these devices in those rooms. Just like you can’t use a needle without the thread, same is the case with this equipment. Air conditioning system cannot be used without the grilles and diffusers. They work in collaboration to make your home and building comfortable and worth living.