Purpose Installation And Application Of A Flowbar Diffuser

According to experts the temperature of our planet is going up with every year passing. This rise in the temperature is not only threatening human kind in the long run but also posing great danger to the sustainability and the human race. Increase in the global warming every year is treacherous to human kind.

Steps taken to counter it:

Lots of steps are being taken to counter it in the engineering field like keeping the multistoried buildings comfortable and airy for the occupants. Installation of proper HVAC systems in the buildings to regulate the temperature, provide proper heating and cooling and to ventilate the air appropriately is very necessary in the modern times.

Two way distribution of air in the building is quite complex job so HVAC systems need extra equipment to be installed to reinforce it like a flowbar diffuser.


It is architecturally designed linear slot equipment which is high in capacity. The purpose of its designing is the combination of high air handling with maximum flexibility. It is suitable to be installed in either the sidewall or the ceilings. The system flexibility of it has the ability of providing contrast and to blend in to a design with its simple but at the same time striking design.

It is a flexible system which provides curves to blend or straight lines which enable it to blend well with other elements of architecture which enhances the collective idea and suitability of the project.


A number of frame styles can be availed which complement different types of ceilings. The equipment is connected directly to support the components of the ceilings and ensure true and straight installation. Normally it is available in black or white painted finish.


A unique clip and hanger support system are used in the installation of this system when the ceiling installation is done.

Slot sizes:

The size of standard slots of this equipment is 1, 1½, 2, 2½ and 3 inches. To minimize the joints in the long run, section lengths of up to 12 feet are normally used.

Curved and cornered equipment:

Linear slot systems are available in curved shapes as well. Butt ends, mitered tees and mitered corners are also available.

Standard finish:

For interior surfaces which can be viewed flat black finishing is used. White is used for exposed flanges. Other optional coating of colours is available for custom finishing.

Integral pattern control:

For air stream to be directed in any direction like left, right for vertical and horizontal flows, integral pattern controlling is installed on a standard of 24 inch from centers.

The flowbar diffuser allows all the ventilation options like supply, exhaust and returning of air all from one system equipment which reduces the clutter in the ceiling.