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On rediscovering a series, and fully appreciating the sum with just one part

Shortened attention spans

stories from somewhere

fiction, from places in the past

This week, I got a Snapchat from a boy I dated in college. He was defecating in a museum in Europe. Picasso’s…

To be opened at a later date

A letter to no one/that one in particular

Dear XY,

They’ll ask me in ten, twenty, forty years what you were like…

Former lover Mad Libs ™ 


INSTRUCTIONS: Can’t stop crying yourself to sleep because you’ve lost faith in the idea of romantic love? Do

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post prompts (put down credit if you take it from a place other than your mind). write a riff. continue where people leave off. a place to share a common starting ground

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On writing prompts

Ten facts about my brother

on building forts and being old

My brother and I are almost seven years apart. And though I can remember being able to carry him and…

Call for posts: On moving to the Bay Area

A city and valley of ex-pats

Over wine and fries after a very long work week, a couple of friends and I recounted stories…

On sleep

In slumber, we trust (or don’t) — meditations on visiting the Sandman

I have three recurring nightmares:

  1. It is the middle of the…

Reflections on being alone

Or, a fascination with the myth of seclusion


I remember a hot weekend in Glendale when the news said we couldn’t…

On Wishing You Could Turn Off the “Human” Switch

My back-and-forth relationship with humanity

The Tipping Point

Why I’m not a sister of the lyre

Or,being in a sorority for ten days

During a record-breaking Los Angeles heat wave in 2007, hundreds of 18 and 19 year old girls…

The sacred disease

Bearing witness to a fit

We have one boy in this class, and he is the smallest and the youngest. He is the runt of our diverse litter. Many of the…