The Solitude of Crohn’s Disease
Stephanie Lincoln

Hey, I step into your text for some reason and decided to read it. I’m so sorry. I can’t imagine what you’re going trought, but I think you’re very brave to share your experience so that you might help others not feel so lonely. I also would like to say that we do have something in common: unfortunatley, the ones we love, or others who try to help, do not understand that most of the time we just want someone to listen; a hug; to sit with us in silence. I suffer myself from maniac-depressive disorder and it’s ruff to feel so lonely since no one can actually feel what it’s like and so on (and everybody has some type of advice!). Thanks for the execelent text, you are a trully good writer,. Hope that writing down makes you feel a little better. ❤

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