Day 3 — Bootcamp VII

I have to admit I am getting attached to a lot of the ladies now, they are all so awesome and every day I get to know more and more of them and realizing that there are so many brilliant minds in here. Wow I hope I get time to bond with even more of them.

Today we were introduced to classes and I always had a lot of problems with classes but maybe the problems did help me work on understanding them. So a class that I dreaded with all my might wasn’t actually as bad as I thought thanks to the Andela 21 training sessions that I took, now I realize that though collectively we did like 12 hours in a span of 3 weeks they really helped. The deeper we got into classes the realization that drowning.. not today. The sessions went by real quick and no sooner had we (*bag) than we had to pack them and head out.

The week is really getting intense people and Friday is around the corner I hope I get to do enough to make it to next week but not only that, get as much out of this as I can.

I may not know about next week, but one thing I know for sure, I am having fun. The warm ups, also getting attached to them, the routine, being surrounded by code and talking code, it is going to be really hard if I have to leave and worse still on Friday!

Waiting for tomorrow cannot wait to see what unfolds (word on the street is that tomorrow is fries_day) and the training sessions of course.

Until tomorrow people. bon nuit!

Verdict: Deeper End! I survived yaay!

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