Share stories, not stats: Improving the communication of EU-funded projects

Clarissa Hirst
Nov 1, 2016 · 10 min read

“Cohesion Policy is maybe the most visible part of the EU to peoples’ lives. Our weakness is that we fail to communicate what a big difference European funds have made in peoples’ lives” — Corina Crețu, Commissioner for Regional Policy

Don’t preach to the converted

It is not enough that the EU and those working on these projects know what’s going on. The beneficiaries of projects need to be targeted and communicated to.

Encourage the involvement of European citizens

Share stories, not stats

Hold the EU in my Region competition again

Get local content creators on board year-round

The Instagram feed of EU in my Region winner Janusz Mizerny’s blog Green Projects. Janusz posts images and writes blogs about environmental projects in Poland and Europe.

Communications teams situated in Brussels can share statistics and information, but it is the people living, working, socialising, exercising, shopping and travelling in European regions that can more accurately convey what is going on there.

Clarissa Hirst

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Travel writer and researcher. I write about regional issues and the value of exploring the outdoors and rural destinations at

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