Living The 3D Life

What the heck is that? That, dear reader, is my first full-blown creation in with the magnificently monstrous tool: Maya. It has taken me quite some time between projects, my webcomic, job/internship applications, etc…to fully concentrate on just making something using Maya. Mainly just trying to channel the image inside my head towards my keyboard and mouse to the screen while trying to remember and think of all the tools and effects available. It sounds crazy, I know…so kudos to all 3D/cgi artists out there, you guys are awesome!

So far, my studies have guided me towards making simple low-poly landscapes like the one pictured above. However, my first attempt was actually a human-like character that ended up having an awkward butt. I decided to save it and revisit after making other, more simple projects so I could more confidently attempt to model her chest area. I don’t feel like the attempt was a waste of time, if anything it made me realize how much more than I thought I could actually model.

Akward-butt character

I do believe that the more I practice with it, the more confident I will become and the better my characters will be for it. I am a firm believer of “practice makes perfect” so I shall continue to create until I am satisfied.

Some people ask me how I approach learning on my own. To be honest, there is no magical secret here ( I am a little sad about the lack of magic). I am lucky to have access to a Safari books subscription so it is like having a library at my fingertips. I collect a lot of introductory material on a reading list and just go through it. I am somewhat of a kinetic/visual learner so I make notes and draw along to help me learn better.

How do you approach learning a new skill?

Look forward to more posts! If you have any questions/suggestions, let me know :)