What A Ride…

I first started writing on Medium as a way to document my progress while diving into creative endeavors head-first. I had moved on from full-science to full-creative and was really trying to figure out what was out there for me after a crushing realization that the medical field was just not for me. I was devastated, but more than anything, I was really lost.

As some of the few posts I published can tell you, I had minor successes through Kickstarter campaigns that mostly served to validate my chosen path of creating cute characters and products that people would enjoy. I then strayed a little bit and looked into animation as we moved to SF and met Albert Lozano (Character Art Director for “Inside Out”). My excitement could not be contained and I read everything I could, even did a few storyboards for a small short film I had in mind. But alas, the dream ended with the realization that my desire to belong to teams of creative magicians of the likes at Pixar and Disney was only that: a dream. I needed to explore more about what my strengths were and how I could use them.

I started freelancing while taking advantage of our co-working space membership (WeWork) and I actually had a steady flow of clients. At first I thought it was my design skills that brought them on but looking back I realize it was all about the hustle. I had pushed my way in with the startups within WeWork by posting a doodle-a-day, an inspirational lettering project and networking the heck out of it.

It was not until I had left busy SF that I started to realize that what I truly enjoyed out of my freelance gigs was the advertising bits. Running social media campaigns to drive traffic to my Kickstarter projects and networking to let people know about my design projects and what I could do for them. I loved seeing the numbers change on Google Analytics even though I did not have the understanding of them that I have now.

And that is what finally brought me here: to the beginning of my digital marketing career at one of the leading digital marketing companies in Austin, Tx. Here’s to new beginnings and new adventures!