Setting up the panda and EON with the Honda Clarity

Bruce C
Bruce C
Jul 30, 2018 · 3 min read

Here’s my setup with the grey panda and EON. The Nidec giraffe did not fit, so I’m not using it. The giraffe connector is flipped (180 degrees off) and the bracket for the mount is in the way. @energee is working/selling a flipped version and I will purchase it when it’s available.

This is where I stuck the EON mount to the windshield.

I used 22 degree mount.

I positioned it based on the instructions here,

This is where I mounted the GPS module. I used double sided sticky tape on the GPS module to hold it down.

This is how I routed the GPS module’s wire. I use scotch tape to hold the wire in place.

This in looking at the driver foot well.

The OBDII port is on the left above the foot rest. The OBDII port is where you connect the panda.

This is how the grey panda looks like with all of the connections.

The excess wire from the GPS module is tucked behind the black plastic panel to the left of the panda. You can see how I routed the USB cable.

For whatever reason with this setup my drives are not visible on cabana,

I can get my drives in cabana with my white panda and chffr. This is what one of my drives looked like,|2018-07-18--22-21-56
With this setup there are only 9 messages.

If I disconnect the wire connector from the Clarity’s front camera, plug it into the giraffe, and attached the panda to the giraffe like in the picture below, I get more messages in cabana.

This has the white panda.

Here’s an example,|2018-07-26--19-28-37
With this setup there are 64 messages.

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