The Change-makers.

The last couple generations have been rebels to say the least. Its as if Elvis shaking his hips and The Beatles heart-penetrating songs unleashed something within us that’s been hard to put away.

Being someone who HATES being told what to do (but will listen,) whois a rebel at heart, I’ve always been a bit of the black sheep. Pushing boundaries — YES. But out of curiosity, out of adventure, out of discovery. All traits these days which women are praised for. Had I been born in my grandmothers generation I probably would have been a troubled women, one to be avoided…but now I am able to be one who is changing the world.

As I’ve mentioned before I am an explorer, something about being in a world unknown, and learning new languages, mentalities and ideologies as bizarre as they first appear to me — it lights me up. I am a twin, and we couldn’t be more opposite if we tried. What we view as success is different, what we enjoy in our lives is different, and needless to say I think my actions and choices in life have confused my family on repeat. This has now become the norm. But enough about me, who are these shape-shifter, change-makers?

As I’ve traveled and made new friends around the world, I see I am not the only black sheep. I am part of a curious tribe of humans who either work with those different to themselves half way round the world, or they meet them in their towns in our multi-diverse cities. We are the tribe who celebrate differences and embrace them. We are the tribe who are having inter-race, inter-cultural families.

Our children are the culture-ful kids. So mixed, that in the next few generations it may be quite a skill to be racist. Grandparents are being forced to let go their angers as their grandkids are now the very race they were taught not to love. Forced by blood to expand our minds. As many of us know, when your heart feels love its very hard to hate, and this has been the case with many families I have personally witnessed have to journey this new path. Their mind fighting their heart, only to lose by the power of love.

For those of you like myself, a lover of other cultures even if the mentalities drive you crazy (actually our own families can drive us crazy sometimes so lets not tag it on cultures but on being human and being flawed.) Our children are going to go to school with other children, unlike me who went to school with only whites until apartheid ended….now it will be children go to school. It will be a norm that there is cultural diversity and it no-one will be displaced for it, and you too shall become part of this expansive diversity.

Our children are the change-makers, the ones who open our hearts to accept and embrace all cultures, because as the years pass they are only going to dilute the once proud heritage of a single race and we will be a melting pot within ourselves. Be proud that to the coming generations you will be one part that they will identify with, and the other may be a totally new culture that you become family through blood.

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