Excellent article.
Kerry Howell

Mr. Howell, I would argue that suffrage itself was a mistake. Giving the vote to women implied that women thought differently than their husbands, that they had needs and concerns that were not being met, and that their voices were being silenced. This is a very dangerous notion, one that created a division between a husband and wife and began the destruction of the nuclear family. Now we have have miserable women raging around, convinced that they are victims of patriarchy and men in general, and demanding that the government fill the role of parent and spouse. I guess being controlled by an evil of one’s own choosing is better than marriage to a good man for these women.

As a side note, democracy in and of itself is a terrible means of governing but we keep living as though history has nothing to teach us. We are now living the direct consequences of terrible decisions, of which feminism is but one example. Democracy is another.