Are Humans Playing the Blame Game with Almonds?

As the California drought worsens and people turn to their usual roots of finding something to blame for the worsening of the drought, of course the obvious option is a small helpless nut, more specifically an almond. As believed my most brainwashed people, almonds are the sole cause of California’s drought because there is no way that we humans could be responsible for such a horrible thing, it not like we take 30 minute showers, or stand in our driveway not watering our brown thirsty lawn but our hot black driveway because “it looks dirty”. Wake up people, stop blaming almonds and accept the fact that you have done something bad, there is no need to blame something whose life consists of dangling from a tree in scorching weather only to be picked off a tree and thrown into your mouth! You as a human are blaming the almonds for consuming too much of one of the two things it needs to survive, water.

Instead of you eating your In-n-out 4x4, you could have hydrated 3600 dehydrated people or grown 1800 delicious Almonds


If you want to get technical well here we go; yes, per ounce, almonds do require more water than lettuce or broccoli but they require far less water per ounce than beef or dairy. In fact, beef uses and incredible amount of water compared to almonds due to their diet of alfalfa. To put this into numbers, “A whopping 106 gallons of water goes into making just one ounce of beef. By Comparison, just bout 23 gallons are needed for an ounce of almonds”, this is good news for vegetarians and cow lovers. Cows spend all their life eating grass, drinking water and doing nothing, all these activates require water in some way. If you factor in the water used for cleaning and processing the animal for sale, then that brings the total water usage up even more now officially classifying cows as major drought contributors. Now eat as much beef as your little heart pleases but just know that instead of you eating your In-n-out 4x4, you could have hydrated 3600 dehydrated people or grown 1800 delicious Almonds, make smart choices people.


A cow’s choice of grass is alfalfa, and alfalfa is one of the biggest water consumers in California so if you factor in all the water used on the alfalfa to feed the beef production then we should all be blaming beef for the California drought not almonds. You might ask yourself, “but why would they use Alfalfa where there are other grasses, like hay, that can be used to feed cows?” Well it turns out that cattle farmers and their cows are like a new parent with their first child, they spoil them with luxuries and one of those luxuries given to the cows is Alfalfa. Now when you were a kid I bet you loved candy, if you did not there is something wrong with you or your parents, and to a cow alfalfa is like candy, they could just eat it all day just like a child would. Now we all know that a diet of candy is not good what so ever, so if we treat our cows like our children then at some point these farmers should realize that a diet of water hogging Alfalfa, as shown in the graph below, may not be so good for the cows. Instead for the sake of the drought we should resort to alternatives, like hay, just like a parent would with their kid. Now do not get me wrong its still ok to give your child some candy here and there, and by all means you should give your cows some also but it should not be a major component of their diet.

Why Almonds are Blamed

In fact, people know that alfalfa requires more water than almonds but almonds, “attract more criticism in part because production for export has exploded in the past decade”, almonds are a $4.8 billion-dollar market. In other words, the reason almonds are getting a bad rap is because they are producing so much money. That money is causing more and more farmers to jump on the money train and convert their land into orchards which use more water than ground crops. Now that is no way to treat the almond, just because they make more than you on a yearly basis does not mean you should bad mouth them. In fact, almonds are one of the most nutritional nuts/foods in general, one serving of almonds can provide you with a healthy array of nutrients like monounsaturated fats, fiber, protein and various other important nutrients. So forget about all those expensive anti-aging creams, instead, grab yourself a hand full of almonds and jam them down your throat. Almonds have a lot of antioxidants that can protect your cells from aging and disease making them a must when it comes to looking young and beautiful.


So the Solution to all of this? Take five seconds or a minute, depending on how unorganized you are, to find a mirror and look into it. Bingo! The solution is you, even though you are the problem you are also the solution. The solution is simple: make you and all of your little friends more aware of the water they are using, instead of a 30 minute shower try a 10 minute one, and instead of watering your driveway maybe point the nozzle a little to the left or right and water that brown stuff in front of your house. Even if you are saying you already take shorter showers and you do not water your driveway you are still at blame because you alone can not solve this problem. The community needs to work together as a group, so that one day we can take guilt free hour long showers and sit in a lawn chair on our perfectly green lawn still watering the driveway.

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