For a fresh out the box university alum, there is little more terrifying than the mention of life after graduation. By nature, graduates are pretty great at savouring their last few months of beloved student lie ins, preparing to put their years of hard work to the test in what is the dreaded horror of the gruelling 9–5 working week. …

Welcome to the final instalment of the design diaries — following graphic designer Rachel as she develops a new look for Clark Communications. This week, she’s pulling together all the threads as work begins on the new website…


As with any design project everything starts with a conversation with the client (in this case the Clark management team), to establish what we need the site to do, who its target audience will be and to agree a basic map of the site. I then have a conversation with our web developer who advises me on a suitable platform for…

15-week old Harry the Dachshund is a welcome addition to team meetings!

Name: Hannah Scally

Role: Graduate Account Executive

Client highlight during lockdown:

Having recently re-joined the team from furlough, I’m just getting into back into the swing of working with clients. That has not stopped me from keeping up to date with the work of my colleagues on the Clark Communications blog though — boy have they been busy.

As a student, I always found communication around issues and crisis really invigorating and so to watch the team pitch in to help with the adverse effects of the pandemic for our clients Seafood Scotland was a real learning curve for me…

By Kirsten Paul, Account Director

Will we ever see events like this again?

We are in the midst of a brave new world. Learning new skills and tailoring processes that six months ago were natural to us.

As the pandemic changed where we work every day, it also meant that we have needed to adapt how we do things.

The very core of the comms discipline involves people, and meaningful engagement across many platforms. While I think we have all mastered the daily online comms part, thanks to great technology, being able to interact with audiences in person may never be the same. We are all more cautious…

We’re back with the next instalment of our design diaries — following graphic designer Rachel as she develops a new look for Clark Communications. This week, we’re looking at the redesign of the brand…


Once I have a pretty good idea of what the client is looking for it’s time to get old school and get out a pencil and paper. I tend to start out with a kind of spider diagram where I write down every idea connected to the brief, whether it’s thoughts on imagery, typography, colour or just words that spring to mind when I think…

Heather Peebles, Senior Account Manager

Following the fallout from this year’s exam results fiasco, various stories started popping up to help ease students’ fears about potentially not securing a university place. At Clark, we shared our own stories about our diverse backgrounds to illustrate that there’s #nowrongpath into PR.

One article that particularly caught our attention was a piece (in a title that shall remain nameless) which listed the top 10 highest paid jobs you can do without a degree. …

Name: Carrie Wieteska

Role: Account Manager

What project / client are you most looking forward to working on? I’ve really enjoyed working with the Scottish Business Resilience Centre and am excited to continue the job. At the start of the pandemic, SBRC really focussed its efforts on helping the Scottish business community come together and share knowledge, to ensure as many businesses as possible survived lockdown. It’s been wonderful to see so many organisations benefit from SBRC’s work.

What will comms look like post Covid-19? While traditionally communications budgets were the first to go during times of economic crises, this…

Rachel Russell, Graphic Designer

Clark Communications is getting a new look, here’s how we’re doing it…

Step #1: Briefing, planning, research

Initial consultation

Job number one when embarking on a rebrand for a client is to gain insight into who they are, the problem(s) they want to solve and what they hope to gain from the design process. From conversations with our management team it’s clear that Clark Communications has grown and diversified as a company and our existing brand no longer reflects us as a business or the breadth of amazing work we do for our clients.

Perfect the…

Name: Rachel Russell

Role: Graphic Designer

What project / client are you most looking forward to working on?

I’m really excited to begin work on a brand new website for Clark Communications. This pandemic has changed so many things and after a short break from work for me it’s the perfect time to take a good long look at Clark Comms, who we are and all the services we offer our clients. It feels good to be planning a fresh start for our online presence. …

Lesley Brydon, Managing Director

There have been many steep challenges to face over the last few months and the vast majority of businesses have suffered some sort of setback. But what about the highlights?

Working from home has been a revelation, and having not set foot in the office for nearly five months, it’s got me thinking about how we incorporate this flexibility into our business model in future. Not travelling to meetings means we have more time to be productive, and we are actually seeing our clients far more often via video conferencing — sometimes every day!

Nevertheless, the…

Clark Communications

We are Clark. Specialists in PR, design and digital in the public sector, B2B/corporate and tech sectors.

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