Features of Dedicated Server Hosting Suitable for All Businesses

Many businesses after a certain point may require more resources and infrastructure that is not possible with shared hosting offers. Such businesses will need to move over to dedicated server hosting. Shared hosting is suitable for startups and SMBs as they need only limited disk space and bandwidth and look for only being available online without much investment. Even startups and SMBs eventually will have to shift from the shared hosting plans as they begin to grow in their business. Some of these features may not be possible even with the VPS hosting. Dedicated hosting is best when an expanding business anticipates increase in traffic, requirement of more resources and has their safety and security measures.

Who requires dedicated hosting?

Every organization will ultimately prefer to shift its hosting options to dedicated server hosting when they

• find it necessary to have better security for their websites from malware and hacking activities that could be a threat to their thriving and expanding business
• need better customization facilities and can configure the server settings at their convenience suiting their growing business
• make use of the managed dedicated hosting services to ensure technical support from the hosting provider
• need reliability with maximum uptime for smoother performance to ensure better customer service and
• Are in need of more space to meet the requirements of new projects and work.

Service options available to the customer

Organizations and smaller businesses have a greater choice as they can opt for any of the dedication server hosting options from fully managed hosting, semi-managed hosting and unmanaged hosting. In fully managed hosting, the service provider is responsible for all upgrades, server management and software installations. In unmanaged hosting means the customer has to have their own technical support team for server management and maintenance. With semi managed hosting the host provides limited support for server management and the customer has to have their own team of technical professionals.