No video evidence is needed to tell the story of an old man in the woods or a young woman on the run after killing her children to keep them safe. A lack of indictment cannot make a man innocent or change the reality of what has gone down. it doesn’t go down like that. Hasn’t gone down like that and will never go down like that. There are fictions meant for public consumption and cover provided for internal support. Systems. Are not innocent. Supporters. Are not naive. Just working to make sure they get some bread and call it justice.

I haven’t seen the photos of their resistance or the video of their killing. Never knew what they thought about at night while chained in the dark or prior to forced procreation. That does not mean it never happened or that it doesn’t beat in my veins and provide rhythm to my own understanding. Or yours. It just means we have decided to not show that chapter which is obvious and how we experience the world.

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