I loved Cate Huston’s post and want to put forth my own liberations for the new year. (And, I’ve been wondering what to post on Medium that is “first post” worthy…I think this is THE ONE.)

This is the list of things I’m freeing myself from in 2018.
  • Worrying about mistakes made in 2016 and their 2017 ramifications. Yes, some stupid decisions lead to dreadful consequences but thinking about the whole thing now doesn’t change anything, and it’s wasting energy better spent on the Now. Lessons learned, move on.
  • Expecting myself to be productive all the time. I’m not, anyway, so why feel guilty? Enjoy free time in the spirit that is intended.
  • Fretting over being unemployed. I’m talking to several great companies. Whoever hires me will be getting a smart, dedicated person. They should be so lucky!
  • Being worried about short lists.
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