Y’all! We’re just a few weeks from the return of Westworld, the super-crazy wanna-be-a-cowboy TV series from HBO.

That means it’s time to catch up, if you never watched the first season. Or if you’re a nerd, it probably means you’re about to rewatch it.

The web is already overflowing with hot takes on robo-ethics and the morality of man, so I’d like to set aside those serious issues and take a peek at something a little more technical (and fun): the production design of the show and the fictional world.

I won’t pretend there’s some super-philosophical design lesson to…

If you know me, you know I’m a fan of the smoked meats. Living in Austin, Texas, it’s kind of a requirement. Aside from eating a (frankly) absurd amount of the stuff, I’ve been cooking it myself for the better part of a decade now. Usually on random pits or at a friend’s place, but we recently moved into a house and I decided to step up my game.

I bought a Kamado cooker. And like a kid with a new toy, I want to tell you allll about it.

What is a Kamado?

Kamado is just another name for grill, or range. In…

Lemme set the stage: you’ve got an app designed in Sketch. Dozens of pages, even more artboards. Launch is approaching. During an all-hands meeting, the boss decides he wants the blue (used on every single screen) to “pop more.”

At least he didn’t ask to make the logo bigger.

Sketch gives a few really solid ways to make sweeping changes across an entire file, like Symbols, Text Styles, and Layer Styles.

There’s only one problem: those things need to be set up before the big change can take place. …

A while back, a buddy released a new album. While the music is great, the nerd in me equally enjoyed the website. It’s filled with amazing art and type design, including this header/logo/treatment thing you see below:

A great example of the effect we’re about to create in Sketch

I wrote an article the other day about seamless patterns in Sketch. A helpful commenter pointed out that not only can you use Craft to fill shapes, but that it worked on text layers as well. Color me surprised.

Filling a text layer with an image turned out to be pretty dang simple, so here’s a GIF of that in action. …

Recently while using Craft I discovered a secret feature. Actually, before we get to that, let me talk a bit about how Craft works.

Craft is a Sketch plugin that makes working with real data a breeze. Instead of lorem ipsum and gray boxes, it lets you insert all sorts of real copy and real photos, from a number of sources.

The Photos panel in Craft lets you pluck images from a local folder, Dropbox, Unsplash, and the web at large.

That last part is what we’re talking about today. Using a tiny built-in browser, Craft lets you insert any…

A new version of Sketch Beta dropped yesterday and brought with it a treasure trove of goodies. We ran through the changelog and found our favorites and then captured them in glorious GIF format. Enjoy!

Percentage widths

Before and after, animated

Sometimes while working a client build, you’ll come across a weird request or three. Even more often, because this is WordPress, there are dozens of ways to accomplish said weird task.

Recently someone asked me to allow custom line breaks inside a WordPress post title (which, if you’re keeping score, doesn’t generally allow markup). Normally I’d argue we should just control this with CSS/widths, but the guy’s layout had some really specific gridding and breaking and I could see the value in his request. Here’s what we did…

The Setup

The plan involved inserting a special character into the title where he…

When you’re working with SASS (or Compass, or Bourbon, etc), and you want a simple way to compile your code, you might try a solution like CodeKit or Hammer.

If you don’t mind a bit of command line, you know that you can do a lot of the same thing with a simple command, something like:

sass — watch sass/style.scss:style.css


compass watch

While these commands are easy (enough) to remember, sometimes I like to be especially lazy. …

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