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This has to be one of the dumbest most dis-honest left-wing, progressive post I’ve ever read. You don’t even understand the analogy, it has nothing to do with refugees that have already settled. It is a reference to what may happen, doesn’t say 3 Skittles have killed you. It doesn’t claim to be an original post, just because they put a campaign stamp on it doesn’t make it theirs. The antisemitism statement is just asinine and pathetic. You must be really nervous to make that big of a reach. What you and your fellow progressives don’t seem to understand is exactly what Donald said in the tweet, “Let’s end the politically correct agenda…”. That is the sentiment of the nation, end the careers of the professional politicians that believe they know what’s best for everyone else, the arrogance and condescending attitude of you, progressives and HRC is why Trump is going to win, it’s because you just don’t get it.

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