A Whiterun Guard’s Journey

Getting ready for adventure

This is a Whiterun Guard’s story. Today, he wishes to go on a Journey to new lands.

All Packed and ready to go!

Tired of the constant jokes about taking an arrow to the knee and ending his previous life as an adventurer. He seeks new excitement and thrills.

Unfortunately, his journey will be troubled indeed as his first obstacle seems to unbreachable.

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It seems that the giants of this land have build an impenetrable wall for him to overcome. He stands against it, unfettered about the impossibility of the task before. He, the Whiterun Guard of Legend, whose knee will never be same, stands uninterrupted against the impassable wall. Hours go by, the wall unchanging. His determination unyielding. On and on he stands unbroken, as his training in the guard force of Whiterun taught him. He recalls back to this time standing guard in the marketplace of Whiterun. The gruelling task of standing completely still, day and night, for days, and even months at a time. Somedays it rained. Somedays it snowed. One time there was a festival and he was stuck on guard duty. Cousin is out fighting dragons and what does he get? Guard duty.

Today is his day however! He will overcome the obstacles before him and conquer this land. He claim this realm for his own and then he will win the heart of poor Lydia, eternally stuck to carry the burdens of her thane. He doesn’t care that they are the supposed dragonborn. He’s got to thinking that maybe he is the dragonborn and just don’t know it yet.

Suddenly his knee starts hurting and he remembers why he gave up this adventuring thing. Pain shoots up from his knee into the base of his skull. He falls over unable to continue; however, his goal is in sight. The great wall has been breached. If only he could continue, but will he be defeated by wounds of ole?

He struggles to draw nearer to his goal. Whatever lies beyond the bonders of this land must be some great treasure.


He draws closer.

Ever closer!

And closer.

Finally he stands at the edge. His vision fading. He teeters at the edge of consciousness. The edges of his vision grow black. His body slowly losing its grasp on reality.

He said it smelled really bad.

However, the whiterun guard refused to give in. He must see what lay beyond the great wall. With his final push he was able to see what lies beyond.

More great walls? What does this mean?

The whiterun guard blinked. His eyes coming back into focus. He stood atop the great black tower. His knee ached; however, otherwise he felt fine. He wondered how he got back to this spot; however, these thoughts were fleeting. The only thought left in his mind as it entered the blank glaze it so normally held was…

He should probably remove that arrow from his knee.

I thought I had told him about the whole knee thing…
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