Violence is Beautiful Art

Violence is one of the most fun things to watch.
When people ask me if I went to film school I tell them, ‘no, I went to films.’
-Quentin Tarantino

Art is performed through countless manners; whether it is through music, paintings, architecture or photography, film is a combination of all. Through Simrill’s English class of 1102, the class analyzed many films written and produced by Quentin Tarantino. Tarantino is widely known for creating violent films that explode with blood, making absurd but amazing scenes. His unique touch of violence is his form of art in which anyone can relate to. I became interested in this particular theme because I used to be involved in performing arts, due to the reason that it took me away from reality. Tarantino’s use of violence and blood is a reminder of how his film is not associated with reality.

All art is just a means of expressing one’s emotions; just like how we read one’s face, during a close up, to tell whether they are sad or happy. It rings through our body and bounces in our head. However, I would argue that art is much more than just a method of expressing oneself, it’s how one escapes reality and enters a new world of harmony. I let my emotions pour over on a blank sheet of paper as Daisy Domergue hums her powerful song in the film The Hateful Eight. Instead of writing about what I see, I tinker with my imagination to produce a much more deep and mysterious storyline. In similarity to Daisy who makes up a new verse to portray her dreams, her audience is left in awe whether or not they grow attached to the lyrics.

As I sit in a chair with a pencil locked in between my fingers, I begin to tamper with the ideas floating in my head, ready to be heard. My eyes widen as a story begins to unfold. My sweat runs down my face for I can no longer stop my ideas from pouring out through my pencil. My pencil, the weapon of choice to unfold the very story that it writes. The very story that takes my mind away from reality and into a new world of freedom. Just as any artist feels when they work on a masterpiece of their own. Similar to Tarantino’s love for violence and music, he builds characters to evolve his dream world to reality. In The Hateful Eight, Daisy takes her guitar and travels to a sea world expressed in her lyrics. Risking her freedom as she manipulates the lyrics to reflect those of her own dreams. The story line written underneath the musical tones begin to reveal itself as the climax builds up, letting the audience know what Daisy really wants through her song. We must read in between the lines.

Approaching the last few words of my essay, I gently pick up my pencil and swift away the steam coming off my head. Sitting back, I realize that there will be those that love my work of art and also others that do not see my point of view through my writing. What is fascinating in art is that the definition of it is so ambiguous that anything and everything is a work of art. Whether people like it or not, it is a masterpiece on its own. In Daisy Domergue’s case, she raises flames in the eyes of those that oppose her dreams. Like John the Hangman who quickly rids her of her guitar to take away her access to freedom. With art being so mysterious, I wish to unravel the secrets hidden in the scenes of the film so that I may expose the true art written underneath the main plot.

In Tarantino’s film Inglorious Basterds, the Bear Jew, also known as Donny Donowitz expresses himself through the art of violence. His famous baseball bat is his brush that paints over the canvas of German soldiers. The use of a baseball bat makes the Bear Jew in control of what gets painted and what does not. His bat is his weapon of choice, but also his preferred way of making art. Because Tarantino is famous for his violent films, Inglorious Basterds explores how violence and love work together to create a unique type of art.

Painting can be messy, but all painters have their preferred brushes that perform a specific stroke in order to make that perfect masterpiece. Donny Donowitz has such an extreme manner of performing art, that the camera backs away just enough to view the scenario and witness his grand piece of art. The use of the camera exemplifies how true and real Donny’s art is to him. When a person does something that they love, they feel it through their veins; therefore, Tarantino wanted the audience to view Donny’s art as something wonderful and beautiful as painting a landscape.

Quentin Tarantino creates art through violence and blood in all of his films, but I will only look closely at Inglorious Basterds through the Bear Jew and the Hateful Eight through Daisy Domergue. Although in two different settings, both portray similarities in fantasy through art. Daisy has quite the talent when it comes to singing and uses it carefully to her advantage as her day of death approaches. I will also discuss the Bear Jew’s love of violence when he picks up his baseball bat and fights for justice. Fighting and singing are two different forms of art; however, their art takes them away from the horrible reality and sets them in control when they move to a new realm.

Tarantino also possesses the unique touch of using the camera to hide the true meaning behind scenes. Every scene that Tarantino incorporates his art, he manipulates the camera angle to a wide shot so that the audience does not focus on the character’s face, but feel the emotion, see the art that is created when the character leaves their state of reality and into a new world filled with beautiful art. In a character’s performance, the audience finds a means of identifying who they are. The Bear Jew is identified through his violent acts with a mere baseball bat, and Daisy Domergue is identified through her violent reputation and creative music writing. Many are identified by their actions or their looks, but I am identified through the writing that I create, just as Tarantino is identified through the films that he creates.

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