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This year, blogging is at the top of my to-do list. I have set some big goals for myself to get my business back on track. And with those goals, I decided I needed to dive into data and see what trends and predictions are going to make for the biggest impact in 2021.

And let’s just say it from the get-go, last year REALLY sucked didn’t it? I’m really so grateful to have made it through, but…


And although my husband and I have essentially been quarantining since last February, I was a…

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20 Questions to ask yourself about yourself right now

I know this might be a terrible thing to think about, but I do, and it’s this: If I died today, what would be written about me in my obituary or said about me at my funeral?

I’m sure this might come across as morbid to some. But seeing as how I do believe in an afterlife and feel like I understand my purpose on earth, it’s not a scary thing for me to consider.

So that’s not what worries me so much, the dying part. What I’m most concerned about is that I’m living my life in such a…

And how this one small change can improve your own life’s perspective

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There I was again, early Monday morning, on my way to work I just had to make a stop at the gas station. I grab a giant 44 oz. cup. and add just a little bit of crushed ice, and then push the lever under the Pepsi label and watch as that beautiful, bubbly, delicious goodness fills up to the brim.

It happened just like it did almost every morning, and also just like it does in those commercials where they make it look all tantalizing. …

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Because being miserable all the time sucks.

I learned something life-changing about myself about 10 years ago. It really transformed how I feel on a daily basis, how I behave in general, and how I react to people and situations, for the better.

The crazy thing is, I totally wasn’t aware of this hangup before. And now it’s so weird to realize that I spent years living this way, oblivious of my own self-destruction. The mental anguish I put myself and probably others through became extremely regrettable, for a time.

How I developed this problem is another story altogether. But the good thing is, even though I…

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Like Flossing, It Can Make a Big Difference

When I was a kid I rarely, if ever, flossed my teeth, except for when my parents or dentist made me do it.

It kind of hurt, it made my gums bleed, it was awkward to do, and it was sort of gross I thought. Not to mention that I had braces three times…yep, thrice. Flossing with braces is not easy either.

Plus, I never had problems with my teeth. In fact, I remember when I was about 9 or 10, my dentist told me that I was a “poster child” for pediatric oral health. …

After a Month of Not Writing

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If you’ve been following me at all, you might have noticed a recent shift in my topics. In case you haven’t been following me, I’ll briefly get you up to speed.

My husband’s family is in Wichita, we live in Seattle. In mid-June there was an incident that landed my mother-in-law in the hospital. That led us to an immediate upheaval and a flight out the next day to Kansas.

It was serious. Her colon had ruptured, there was a tumor, and there was cancer everywhere.

Needless to say, the past month and a half has been completely unexpected, full…

“My deepest belief is to live as if we’re dying to be set free. Dying people teach you to pay attention [to the important stuff] and to forgive and not to sweat the small things.”

- Anne Lamott

When there’s hard things going on your life, it’s a huge temptation to just want to numb out. Because sometimes it’s just really hard to feel our feelings. That’s when we turn to distractions to fill the void inside.

It’s what they call “mindfulness” and it’s how you can actively engage with what’s going on in the here and now, without being…

This has happened to me more times than I can remember. I’m just going along in life, all happy and feeling that I’m on the right path. Then one day, bamm, out of the blue, all the crap hits the fan at the same time.

I’m sure you can relate.

Suddenly, you, a friend, or someone in your family or gets very sick. Then you find out your car needs major repairs the next day. And at work you’re thrown into a huge project that you know will be a nightmare to complete. Then just for fun, you get a…

They Won’t Always Be Around

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Writing from a hospital waiting room, the very one that I’ve walked past for the last five days. It’s nice, surrounded by windows looking out on luscious green grass, trees and a large open field where you might see deer in the evening.

Last Thursday afternoon, my sweet, little mother-in-law was not answering her phone at her farm in the mid-west.

After several calls and a few hours gone by, my husband asked his uncle to go out and check on her. …

Clarrisa Lee

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