A night in Bethlehem

Cantata in summary: A night in Bethlehem. There is no way of describing what it’s like to have a touch of that night in Bethlehem without making it sound like an exaggerated story; one of those things you want to last longer and longer and longer.

Add this up. Little things like lighting plus an angelic choir, ethereal dancers, a cast full of emotion, humor, and definitely with a story to tell. A story of love. Thinking about it, it’s more than a special night in Bethlehem and more than a celestial experience.

Through, there are moments of a special kind of joy, moments of wonder because such a humble birth, that of a King like no other for me and you cannot compare to anything.

A story of a birth unlike that of royalty, songs, and a heavenly celebration, Cantata definitely is a fair share of what that night in Bethlehem was for those on earth, the angels and each of God’s creation.

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