A Portrait of ‘Genuine Truth Seeker’

A genuine truth seeker could be seen (in a sort of ‘mental picture’, I presume) as a very lonely creature. It must be a creature possessing a mind capable of thorough concentration, gifted with ability to focus narrowly and tune finely to the messy subject matter at hand. Truth seekers’ mind is seen as one that is not unlike the mind of astronomer. Or, the mind of lonely prospector, outlined in one of the previous sketches on these Truth Series.

On the other hand, it wouldn’t be too off of a ‘genuine truth seeker’s character, if you endow it with some traits more distinctive in the ‘adventure seekers’, ‘explorers.’

A character of a ‘crime investigator’, the ‘hot CSI’, springs to mind. CSIs are actually becoming a fad through the popular TV series; today it is not rare to hear from young people considering the prospects of the future, “I’d like to be a CSI.” I did hear this a few times, and thinking of everyone who expressed such wishes made me wonder ‘why?’

IMO, a social phenomenon called the ‘CSI effect’ has somehow showed us the ‘truth about truth’ — it is always in great demand.

Now another American researcher has demonstrated that the “CSI effect” is indeed real. Evan Durnal of the University of Central Missouri’s Criminal Justice Department has collected evidence from a number of studies to show that exposure to television drama series that focus on forensic science has altered the American legal system in complex and far-reaching ways. His conclusions have just been published in Forensic Science International.

As for the minds, ANY mind is capable of, and potentially successful in, seeking the truth. Perhaps, just to certain degree (I’m not trying to be sarcastic here)— which is, of course, hard to measure and prove.

“Give me a decent, more or less soundly functioning mind, and I shall move the world and got to the truth”, how a saying, accredited to the most-famous mathematician and inventor in ancient Greece Archimedes, should be read.

Truth is a vital part of all aspects of intelligent life. Some say the traceable paths of the non-life, or the un-intelligent life are also dependent on the Universal True, and that’s why we are able to decipher and comprehend them.

Or, as we might think we’re able ...

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