On Time

“Tick-tack, tick-t0ck..
Did I miss the pace of clock?”
‘Time Line.’ Houston, Texas

The clock is ticking as time goes by. Or, does it? Does the ticking just simulate, and symbolize — at best — the evanescence of non-existent property?

We revere the time—the one that has been well-defined in vast social dimensions and widely agreed-upon conventions — the concept of time (Zeitgeist!) that was once forged in the guts of industrial revolution.

Above all, the Culture of Time as We Know It is a reflection of individual, or collective subjects on the needs to synchronize the time-paced production-transaction processes.

This culture of Time Management is epitomized in Timetables, Schedules, Calendars, Flow charts, Procedures (‘Dreadful’ Deadlines!’) or combinations of thereof.

On the other end of issue, a great deal of doubt lingers if physics scientists ever figure out the time, all its intriguing mystics, such as the ‘time arrow’, ‘twins’ paradox’, ‘what was prior to the Big Bang’, and the likes.

Yes, I doubt if we ever find whether the time is real thing at all — palpable like the Matter, or, even Space (the latter, as another Reality’s Cornerstone, will probably ‘fall under suspicion’, sooner or later.)

The fact we requisitely measure time for nearly any practical use doesn’t help at all. Matter of this fact: to hone the gauging, we goad ourselves along the road of finding the ever increasing precision in measuring devices and techniques.

Note, we never catch the trace of anything that would telltale the essence of time : what we usually end up with, is yet another natural/artificial process (a combination of thereof) that serves as an arbitrary yardstick satisfying our present-day criterion of motion stability, or showing the near-ideal periodicity of repetitive cycles (e.g., ‘atomic clock’) — anything that would negate the ravaging aperiodicity of everything else around us.

It is no surprise then that the international standard for the length of one second is based on atoms.

I dare to say Time is a metaphor, a meme — yet the greatest one ever conceived by humankind. And it was done with one only mindful purpose: to rein in the ever increasing multitude and complexity of processes challenging humans’ existence since… the beginning of time.

“Redefine Time!”