P-Value of ‘Now’

Near a year passed since the time when on one particular afternoon I ventured outside to the park in our backyards for a go at a quest: ‘What is a P-value of ‘Now?’”.

Strangely, it feels like it was yesterday, wasn’t it? Doesn’t matter, really, what else has happened within this year…

It’s an early summer out there again, so, it’s the best time to watch things change, contemplate their fluid essences.

Also, in a hindsight, one year later, I’m tending to think: “Indeed, the ’Now’ might have a peculiar property: it extends to eternity.”

Then I would give it another thought, somewhat humbling one, “Oh, no, you don’t need to make stretches like that. First, these are the stretches of imagination — notwithstanding the fact you’re working hard on achieving mastery in so-called ‘dialectical thinking’.” However..

Is there a ’Now’ without a ‘Here’? I guess, there is — in our minds, where we can hold them both, separated — at least, for a while.

Which I do on occasions when I walk out — away from the confines of walls — off to the forest, to the lush, green, leafy spring-loaded mass of early summer grasses, bushes, trees… You see the potent buddying all over the place; every now and then you just stop, stand still, mesmerized, absorbed in and by the PROCESS.

And, — what? Nothing happens, with a view of growth — never mind how they appear to you— the tender sprouts dancing lightly under the fickle breeze; you understand, they aren’t moving on their own; but you also understand there’s a robust development under way in these deceptively tranquil pieces of the fragile greenery full of life.

Oh, you know too much, you assume too much, you — erroneously, prematurely — begin your comprehension instead of apprehensionJust hold your horses...

Hey, could you perceive the growth in its immediacy? I guess you could — given the right conditions, like the ‘growth rate’… Like, if you are an extremely patient observer with a ‘high personal capability’ to discern the P value of Now. And, sure — if you’re able to tell the difference between reality and a work of imagination.

But then, you know, something must indeed be going on in there, something not unlike what you’ve seen in some scientific time-lapse videos

Yeah, you know, but — does it help? Doesn’t your knowledge just create a bias, an illusion that you do perceive the slo-motion of cellular development?

No, I don’t think my consciousness is able to register it in its immediacy. I just know IT IS THERE, albeit I acquired this knowledge from a sort of sources which are in principle far cry from the means of my own senses.

Thus, by trying hard — harnessing my imagination; falling occasionally into a fallacy of belief; getting back onto the surface —by rigorous negating the convictions — I bring my all cognitive powers into the locus of attention. And I do get some transcendent knowledge.

Perhaps, it’s an act some call ‘meditation’, but I’m inclined to call it ‘mediation’, because there’s a purpose behind my attentive reflection

Certainly, all that goes in my mind, strives to achieve beyond a point of serenity — like, in the ‘new age’-type of meditation —mine shoots somewhere past comfort zone of mere calm and relaxed concentration. Do I in process contemplate the Nature of Time itself? Perhaps…

Or, perhaps, I’m cautiously probing a cardinal asset of consciousness: whatever traipses — it always tends to return to a focal point, in THAT LOCUS that squares in an ever-assuring certainty which we call ‘Here and Now’? That’s where I am, I think…