So you think you know what is Artificial Intelligence?
Prashant Gupta

Prashan, IMO, the ‘Artificial Subject’ capable of thinking like a human (we should put – a ‘formidably gifted human’ – to get everything level), and potentially able to pass the ‘Turing Test’, is way far alway from today’s reality. I think whatever ‘pretender machines’ will emerge in the future, they won’t be able to achieve the human-like totality of intelligence at all. They’ll certainly surpass it (I’m kidding :)

Probably (most likely), the challenge (and the meaning) of this contest will be lost before we’d be able to run in reality this ‘human vs computer' Turing thought experiment.

Anyway, nothing will happen before we have the ‘General Theory of Consciousness and Intelligence’ ‘cracked’ by some really gifted minds.