Truth and Toil to Get to It

It’ll take time, some very long time, the time before …

It feels like the time just drags by. One must be patient while keep digging.

Then, suddenly — a startling jolt — one realizes time goes fast. This realization comes from a somewhat different perspective. One start seeing the passage of time as a quirk, as a manifest of inverted relativity. Time goes fast for one measuring it along the axis of achieved results. And this is the one of an appalling picture: a staggering amount of time —sparsely settled with few results.

There’s a vague hunch looming in the back of one’s mind: ‘probably a lot has happened around during this time’. One raises eyes, tries to make up the surroundings.

There’s not too much to see. Perhaps, partly it is because of an ‘acquired myopia’. Too much time spent crouched down over the pan, eye-squinted, with hawkish peer for clues on the bottom…

However — something could be seen indeed down there, in the drab brownish goo. Here and there — a faint, passing glimmer. Could it be that this STUFF ON THE BOTTOM is the one’s coveted prize? Speckles of gold? Smidgens of truth? Yet it’s hard to say… It could be nothing. It could be anything. It could be the chaffs of ‘fool’s gold’ as well.

What to do with all of this? Quite a puzzling collection…

Yet one doesn’t know how to act on it too. It might require a different kind of instrumentation in order to collect the dusticles. Some different tool would be required for more precision, something with the ability to refine..

Anyhow, what precisely to do with the finds? Melt them together into a seizable lump of some definite shape? Put them together like pieces of puzzle into a more meaningful picture?

One casts another look into the pan. What?! Something has just happened, all look different now. Something has gone from one’s view. Vanished. Fizzled.

And something new has just appeared from nowhere.

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