Truth Beyond the ‘True’ and the ‘False’

How does one know The Truth exist?

It should happen via proceeding through the normal cognitive process: through one’s ability to observe, perceive things, accumulate the knowledge, comprehend — if not everything, but at least — something; and then, by calming down, settling, fermenting, refining the frothing mass of acquired experiences.

Should it be helpful, if presumed: the feeling of truth is being by far and markedly forged in observations and dealings with one particular dilemma, usually permeating all the corners of life — that necessity to choose one of, that never ending collision between, the ‘True’ and the ‘False’?

It is more likely than not, that an individual, as the growing and maturing subject, after having experienced ‘so many hits and runs’ by the aforementioned dilemma, begins seeing something large beyond the brusquely predisposed confrontation of True and False.

It’s not necessarily that such revelatory visions would start immediately haunting the one who experience them, but occasionally it might leave the one being pretty unquiet. Especially, when one finds oneself on the ‘wrong side of the opinion watershed’, for example, forced to make a sense in a case when the ‘best possible judgement’ has been given by the ‘most authoritative body’ — and it still leaves the significant part of a social group (the one included) in unrest, split in half.

It’s remarkable, how ‘all of a sudden’ the matter begins appearing a bit too complex, riddled with unexpected vagaries — and this prospect is so foreign to a typical, trouble-free ‘true-or-false-one-click-case’.

Well, one sees — the decision has been declared as final, and, as such, deemed to be devoid of ambiguity. What could one do?

But what to do with that disconcerting feeling: somehow the obvious, the circumstance that lay on the surface was forcibly — artificially — separated from ‘that large’, that ‘something’ that lays beyond, deeper — that IT that has already been figured out by oneself as a kind of Universal True.

“Yet I don’t know how this has happened, but I’m sure IT was there. And, despite the fact IT has been ordered to go — by a mere decree! — IT’s still there! REAL, FREE and FEARLESS! — and I can see it. May be, (for those on the other side? for those who simply obey?) IT (on orders!) just oozed through cracks in the canvas of reality — the reality how they see it?”

Broodingly, one states: “I am in trouble…”

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