My lord, the recall event of Archangel Expansion is now available! The princess will not only give you food and soldiers, but also the necessary materials to recruit T14 Archangel Soldiers — Feathers of Heaven!

Event Time: Last two weeks from now
Event entrance: Click on “Daily” at the bottom of the inner city to enter the “Millions of Soldiers” event.
Event Content:
1. Login Reward
During the event period, you will be able to awaken a total of one million troops, as well as getting a large amount of resources, iron, Training Speedup, armaments materials, and even the materials necessary to recruit T14…

As CoK’s first system for free trading between lords, Platinum Trade Center supports trading arrays in the first phase. Lords can trade with other people to get their own suitable arrays. While this had triggered the enthusiasm of lords when it was first launched, there were some problems and imperfections exposed, so let’s talk about the optimization of the Platinum Trade Center today.

1. Optimized the mail list in Platinum Trade Center, no more accidentally opening emails when sliding.

In the Platinum Trade Center, whether successfully sold the item, removed item from the shelves, or platinum coins collection, you need…

Thanks to the efforts of every lord, some of the kingdoms have opened the gates to the Sky Land! My kingdom portal progress is almost 100%, too, and I’m rubbing my little hands together as I stare at the progress bar, and I can’t wait to welcome the Archangel Soldiers home!

In the previous article and introduction, it was revealed that the Sky Land will produce precious materials for making Archangel Soldiers — “Feather of Heaven”. Afterwards I received a lot of messages from my lords, everyone was very curious about this mysterious and powerful brand-new soldier! …

(S1 World Domination Events logo)

The excitement of crowning the S3 COK World Cup champion has just dissipated. It’s been half a year since the end of the S7 Dragon Campaign, COK’s most prestigious tournament. Now, S1 World Domination is in full swing and with only two rounds of group stage matches left, the “elite squads” are trying their best for the 32 final spots that will move on to the final round.

There are so many alliances with strength and ambition in this game! In COK’s unique eSports tournament, we availed new kings one after another to ascend to…

It’s true that the sky land will be here soon! The “Feather of Heaven”, the precious material for making archangel soldiers, is obtained from the Sky Land. How to obtain it exactly? How to participate and play the “Sky Land”?

Participation Portal:

When you have completed the Kingdom Portal opening event and the gate is open, you will find the entrance to the Sky Land in the Wishing Pool.

Why do I play the Sky Land?

There is “Feather of Heaven”, and there are many attributes and rewards offered for lords.

Simply by doing what you would do every day…

Today we are going to talk about Super Camp optimization.

Optimization details:

You need to gather together to attack and break the Super Camp. choose from level 1–5 for different difficulty. Defeating each Super Camp will obtain huge rewards, which can be described as “Seeking wealth from danger”, both dangers and opportunities.

In the past, the amount of super camps on the world map is relatively small due to their high attacking yield, and the refresh mechanism is different from normal monsters: when a super camp is destroyed, the camp will disappear from the world map, and the total number…

Hi Lords, today we have good news for you: the Battlefield Travelling Merchants event is here! Speaking of traveling merchants, the first thing that comes to mind must be: barter, fresh items, strange goods, and treasures. That’s right — this phase the traveling merchant has brought a lot of rare and exotic treasures! This time you only need to take your unused items to exchange for your favorite treasures! Let’s take a closer look.

Event name: Battlefield Travelling Merchant

Event Duration: September 4 to September 6

Event entrance: Main Castle — Traveling merchant to enter

Event description: During the event…

With the arrival of King Arthur, the opening process of the Old Stone Gate is accelerating, and the mysterious “Sky Land” is getting closer and closer to us.

The legendary “Feather of Heaven” is waiting to be found in the Sky Land. The shadow of war is getting closer and closer to us… Before we open the “Sky Land”, let’s explore the mysterious veil of the archangel soldiers.

Friends, the Archangel Soldier is finally here! I believe you have been waiting for the new soldier for a long time; today I will introduce 3 distinctive features about the Archangel Soldier

CoK has an extremely complex digital system, consisting of a series of factors such as equipment, skills, technology, dragons, dragon words, etc. By constantly adjusting the combination of these factors, the current state of the game will be more suitable for a series of different scenarios such as battle, development, and rallying. Based on this demand for frequent adjustments on lord skills, equipment and other matchups, the one-key switch system was born. We’ll talk about the optimization of the fast switch function today.

Optimization details:

The quick switch function appears at the top of the main game interface, with numbers…

On the stone platform in the deep jungle, a hooded man quietly stands; of the many onlookers there to watch the drawing of the sword, none can make out who the mysterious stranger is. When he puts his hands on the hilt of the sword, all eyes are upon him with rapt attention, desperately waiting, quietly hoping. Suddenly there is a roar and the air fills with the sounds of stone cracking — the sword is free of the stone! The crowd falls silent with awe, wondering who this man is that managed to pull the sword from the stone…

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