Classified advertising is a type of marketing tools that can help to enhance the awareness of the brand and sell a product or service. In this article, we will be discussing the definition of classified advertisement, steps and tips on how to write a classified ad.

What is the classified ads definition?

While there are many forms of classified advertising, the most popular of them include online, print, broadcast, covert, outdoor ads and so on.

Depending on the business needs, the best form of communicating a message can be chosen. The classified ads examples may include business, property, recruitment, obituary, matrimonial, announcement, education, personal ads.

You might be wondering what are classified ads in marketing. In the present-day digital world, classified advertisements are often placed on sites and social media platforms. This way, the classified advertisers make the classified ads available to the customers for many small- and medium-sized businesses.

Example of an online ad at Jacars classified ads website:

Steps to writing a classified ad

  • Write a catchy headline to grab the attention of your online or offline customers. A classified ad is an effective means of attracting customers for product and service providers. No matter what business or a person is offering, for example, repairing a computer, selling car, writing a resume, mowing a lawn, the headline should be as much accurate as possible. Avoid sensational headlines as they can damage integrity of the brand in the long run or scare people away. One more tip on how to write a winning headline is to use action words, ask something, create curiosity and so on.
  • Develop a body copy that tells a story about how the product or service worked. These lines of text are aimed at explaining what benefits will the customers get by clicking the link in the ad. The main purpose of this section is to promote a company and set up the call-to-action.
  • Create an offer. In most cases, you want your customer to take action. The thing is success or failure depends on how strong a call-to-action of your ad is.

Tips on how to write a classified ad

  • find out what are the needs and preferences of your customer;
  • choose the right media platform as effectiveness of ad depends on the resource it is placed on;
  • do some investigation studying various ads to know what can catch your customer’s attention;
  • keep it brief and to help your customer know why your product is worth buying;
  • ask someone for an opinion about the advertisement;
  • proofread your ad carefully. Remember to include contact information in the advertisement. Use online grammar checkers to correct the typos and misspellings or ask someone to proofread the text of the classified ad;
  • test an ad in a few publications to find out where it is better to place your advertisement.