How to Choose Mangalsutra for Yourself

A mangalsutra is something that you can’t do away when you’re preparing for an Indian wedding ceremony. But since every bride hesitates to wear the ornament every day, here are some tips you should consider while selecting from mangalsutra designs.


With many options available at the jewellery shop, you should pick a piece that’s within your budget. It’s quite usual to get swayed away once you get fascinated with designs. But, you should have a rough idea on what needs to be bought. Always buy diamond mangalsutra through an online website. You would surely grab deals tagged with an affordable price tag.


It actually makes a big difference when you choose the right length. Think about a small and dainty ornament if you would be wearing the mangalsutra regularly. You can either opt for a simple pendant or go for a piece that seems charming. Whatever you select, ensure that it’s skin friendly and offers you utmost comfort all day long.


Yes! Size does matter most when you are buying a mangalsutra. Depending on your preferences, you can find the design made from gold or studded with diamonds. If you’re looking for a trinket light in weight, then you can get the ornament designed in gold. But, if you want to capture the attention, then you should seek a piece decorated with some sparkling diamonds. Both can be worn everyday and they simply look marvelous even when you’re in professional attire.


Be particular with the design and think about something that would complement most of your outfits. Whatever might be your choice; a gold plated mangalsutra or a trinket with beads all over, you should consider a combination. Navigate online portals if you’re searching for office wear mangalsutra designs.


Just like any other pendant, ensure that you the mangalsutra is detachable. You should be able to remove it whenever you’re bathing or performing your ablutions. This would help you maintain the condition and retain the quality. You would also be protecting the metal from water splashes.


Since you would be wearing the mangalsutra all the time, you should always decide on its shape. You can try something offbeat or select a round, V-shape, or heart-shape ornament. If you would be wearing it on a daily basis, then pick something that’s neither too large nor small. Ultimately, the jewelry should look super pretty whenever you’re getting ready.

Check the hallmark

Once you have considered every aspect, you should always check the hallmark. This a crucial point that you should keep in mind. Even when you’re visit the jeweler at his shop, buy hallmarked jewelry. This would give you more returns on investment if you plan to get it redesigned in future.

With latest designs of diamond mangalsutra showcased online, narrow down your search and buy something at the right price.

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