3 Ways to Convert Microsoft Excel XLS, XLSX Files into PDF

Sharing documents and file is a convenient task if an inappropriate file format is used for sharing files via emails. Hundreds of excel and MS word files are shared in the office on daily basis, but whenever you forget to convert files into a Portable format, you do not only end up increasing the workload of other computer users but you have to also guide them to make additional changes in the file to revert the file into its original format. Before the invention of the PDF format, computer users had to go through prolonged tasks of editing and re-editing files, because destination computer had to change the file contents, incase some styling features were not supported by the destination computer. But to save the user from the frustrated editing and re-editing cycle, PDF format was invented. So that users do not have to worry about the original contents of the document after file sharing. But in order to create or convert a PDF file users have to select the best PDF converter software or a best PDF editor software among dozens of available PDF tools in the market, because the conventional PDF editing or PDF conversion options are not available in the Operating Systems.

There are variety of PDF conversion options that are available in the market, in case you require to convert and edit a PDF file. Whenever, you come across the need to convert Microsoft Excel xls, xlsx into PDF format, then you can use one of the following techniques to your documents.

Choose a Best PDF Converter Software

Variety of PDF softwares are available in the market, but majority of these tools can be only used for a particular task. They can be either used to create , convert or password protect PDF files. But it is a time consuming task and a complicated task if you have to convert a file into MS Excel every time you need to edit the PDF file. Since Operating Systems do not provide a default app to edit and create PDF files, you have to download and install a PDF converter or a PDF editor software.

You can utilize the Classic PDF editor Software to create, convert, annotate, edit , Print, email and highlight PDF file. Classic PDF also support 500+ conversion formats. You can easily create, edit, convert and comment a PDF file with a single click.

Utilize Microsoft Excel to PDF Converter Feature

All the MS office softwares have an additional feature to convert documents into PDF, but not all the computer users are aware of the full capabilities of the MS office applications. But users can easily convert MS Excel files if they do not possess a PDF Converter Software.

Steps to Convert Microsoft Excel to PDF Converter

  1. Open MS Excel file or create a new file. After opening the file, go to “File” menu at the left upper corner of the screen.

2. Now from the displayed options, select “Export” setting.

3. Selecting export option will open further menus on the right side of the screen. Select “Create PDF/XPS Document” icon directly below the Export setting. Now select “Create PDF/XPS” option that is given under Create a PDF/XPS Document setting.

4. A dialogue box would appear on the screen, now enter the location and the name of the new file that you want to save in PDF format. But to save in PDF format make sure that you select PDF option from the drop down menu given beside the “Save As Type” . Select the “Publish” button to save the file.

5. Now the file is save in PDF format .

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Use an Online Tool to Convert MS Excel into PDF

Internet is bombarded with dozens of online PDF conversion tool, but be carefull before uploading your file on a third party server because some online tools might create a duplicate copy of your file and in worst case scenario, if the website is hacked then, a virus might be automatically attached with your file without the website owners possessing any knowledge that their website is distributing virus to the customers. If you have to use the online tools to convert xls, xlsx format into PDF, then make sure that you use a trusted website and scan your file after downloading the file into PDF format.

PDF format is used as a default file sharing format in IT and Tech industries. Even though there are faster and short ways to edit and convert PDF files, user still use the prolonged PDF conversion techniques because they are not familiar with more suitable techniques. Using unreliable and inefficient PDF conversion tools end up increasing the workload time and the duration of the projects. Rather than investing the time in the prioritized tasks computer users had to spend hours on converting files for the purpose of editing and editing files because of making the mistake of choosing and inefficient PDF convert tool.