Engineering in Delhi , India

Golden Era,

Seeming that new education era has begun by the advent of the Rajiv Gandhi Education City, Sonepat. Feeling like a rainbow color decorating the each jewel of sky.

The Education city located in Sonipat district is just 20 km away from Delhi. Regarding in terms of area the education city is wide spread in 5000 acre. Phase I and Phase II both covers 2500 acres. The Education city is along the National Highway-1 .The district Sonepat is one of the major education hubs in North India. Apart from a number of schools and colleges, the district is home to various universities. The Rajiv Gandhi Education City, Sonipat (RGEC) at Kundli is an ambitious project by Government of Haryana to develop a hub of higher education institutes. Indian Institute of Technology Delhi has already taken possession of 50 acres of land offered for the extension of its Delhi campus. Many Universities have started their projects to establish their campus.

The 55-acre campus of SRM at Sonepat, Haryana is located in the Rajiv Gandhi Education City. The core of being the the best engineering institute of Sonepat is to maintain high standards of education by providing a wide array of world-class academic facilities, employing highly qualified and experienced faculty members and creating an ambience conducive to quality education and SRM does that to perfection.

Providing high quality, engaging career-based education at all levels of higher education with flexible entry and exit points, appropriate pathways, engaging and rigorous curriculum and contemporary delivery; while maintaining rigorous standards and ensuring that all students are supported to meet those standards.

Undertaking high quality and innovative applied and translational research which results in healthier, smarter and sustainable communities in the country and beyond, and connecting deeply with industry and the community, in turn enhancing the quality of teaching and learning. Our aim is to be a great university of the 21st century. We will provide exceptional value to our students, guiding them to succeed through personalized, flexible and industry relevant learning opportunities. The college cultivates in its students the ability to think critically and creatively, communicate effectively, reason quantitatively to make analytical judgments, and understand and appreciate different points of view within a diverse community.

SRM is committed to being a preeminent institution of learning, renowned for its quality of academic life, its diverse culture and practice of personal support and development, extraordinary student success, and its dynamic, innovative programs that prepare students for the university, the modern workplace, and the global community.

SRM equips students with the knowledge and transferable skills so they can become productive citizens in our global community; provide clear pathways for students to achieve educational goals; invest in opportunities to promote engagement; conduct provocative professional development; and create innovative and flexible learning systems. Being the best engineering institute of Sonipat, SRM is committed to student completion of certificates, degrees, and transfer; and create pathways which support the success, retention and persistence of students in their educational goals. Build and strengthen collaborative relationships and partnerships to support the needs for our country.Promote shared responsibility for our environment and social justice; and create a diverse and culturally enriched community of global citizens.