No Fun League makes a big mistake with new rule changes.

By P.C. Trill (@trillconian)

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The commissioner of the No Fun League strikes again! After blow back from disgruntled fans and players alike, the league has decided to reinstate celebrations. Now there will still be a celebration ban on “offensive demonstrations” or celebrations “directed at opponents,” will still be penalized, but folks I’m here to tell you, that this will be dangerous for the league, fans, and players.

The short sighted commisioner failed to realize that adding seconds for unnecessary dabbing, dirty birding, or scaling the goalpost is going to hurt them financially. The NFL can’t afford the research for concussions obviously, otherwise they would have cured it like breast cancer. The idea of allowing the touchdown celebrations is to increase fun; however, by allowing celebrations, the league is slashing seconds of precious advertisement time on products such as dove, tampax, or the famous self-fellatio, football is family commercial presented by family-men like Brandon Marshall. (Marshall was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence in 2007, battery charges in 2008, disorderly conduct for fighting his fiancee in 2009, and most recently suspected of hitting a woman in a night club in 2012.)

We’re all aware of how the players just want to have fun. And think about this, wouldn’t you want to celebrate a potentially deadly head-to-head hit, or an over the shoulder touchdown after tiptoeing the sideline? When you think about how hard these guys practice, with all of the voluntary OTAs, and preseason play, shouldn’t we give them a few seconds to express themselves in honor of our first amendment right?


Allowing celebration adds time where the player could be seriously injured. Specifically with TDs, Gus Frerotte (QB for Washington in 1997) celebrated a TD scored against the Giants by slamming his head into a wall, injuring his neck and was out for the game. The game ended in a tie. I’m sure the injury to his head/ neck made him forget that games could end in a tie, like Donovan McNabb, but had TD celebrating been banned then, we’d have one less tie, and one less brain eligible for CTE testing after death.

Reducing the risk of injury has been at the forefront of the league. Isn’t that why Roger Goodell and company reduced the OT rules? I’m not a numbers guy, but -celebrations+ less overtime = less concussed players.

Lastly, the fans don’t want to see this horseplay either. All true football guys and football guy’s guys want to see, are gritty, north-south players that run with low pads, get tackled and get right back in the huddle. Us football folk want a running back that’s get that one yard for the first down on third and short -for the team- and flip the ball to the zebras. There’s no dancing in football games. The only two exceptions to this rule is if you’re on dancing with the stars trying to re-brand after smoking the devils lettuce (Antonio Brown) or taking ballet classes to work on your footwork.

Stop diluting the brand Rog. We want football not Step up 2.

P.C. Trill sober(ish) and out.