Why have we been half assing the Second Amendment?

By P.C. Trill (@trillconian)

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I wouldn’t say that I’m liberal. I mean damn, my name IS P(retty).C(hill). Trill, but I’d like to tackle a topic today that I see constantly on social media: the Second Amendment.

For those unaware, undereducated, or unfamiliar with American history — probably you if you are reading this — you can buy a gun because of this Amendment to the constitution.

Now most liberals will say, “well why do you need a gun?” Only trained professionals should be able to have them,” and that’s just bullshit. I was told at a young age that everything in print — except the phone book — was true. Based on that logic, I should be able to have multiple wives, get to meet Jesus when I die, and own a gun.

If these old dudes in 1791 decided that we should have guns to defend ourselves, then I say every American should have a gun — including felons.

If you were in a bank that was being robbed, and Mrs. Smith, your typical suburban-mom-in-a-minivan is in there, and she owns a gun. OR Omar from the Wire is in there, who do you feel safer with wielding a weapon? My money is on that bad ass from Baltimore,whistling as he takes down the REAL bad guy with his sawed off.

The American dream is to have the best, the biggest, most expensive of everything. That is the American dream right? It's one big pissing contest and I feel like we are really selling ourselves short on the 2nd Am. So if you’re a libitard reading these, let me formally congratulate you on your Canadian citizenship, because after this take, you’ll pack your bags and take your freshly singed eyeballs with you.

The wussification of America has really taken its toll on us. We just accept having pistols and semi-automatic rifles. The Second Amendment clearly states that we are supposed to be well armed. Pistols and semis aren’t going to cut it when the Zombie apocalypse or ISIS invade. We need tanks, missiles, RPGs, IEDs, hand grenades, etc. The same people in the south that are trying to “succeed,” from the nation need to be fighting for us to amend the Second Amendment to be all inclusive. I want to see Mrs. Smith in a brand new M1A2 SEP down main street dropping little Johnny off to school. Until then folks, this trailblazer is going to keep fighting the good fight.

P.C. Trill Sober(ish) and out.