A mediasite link of Joshua Been’s data visualization presentation.

Data visualization(DV)! It is a pretty hot topic in the emerging technology fields as DV has somewhat related to learning analytics and big data, which are also the topics that are getting a lot of attention now a days. (More detailed description on the topic will be here.)

Joshua Been, a Social Science Data Librarian, from the MD Anderson library, gave us a presentation on how to use Tableau Public in August 17th. It is one of the visualization tools that are commonly used for people who do not have a coding experience. For coders, R and Python are more common weapons. 
We really like his presentation because it has a lot of hands-on activities. He used his own data sets as well. The below is his entire presentaiton on the topic from our mediasite resource page.

Update : Joshua Been has left his position for HISD. Good luck with your new position, Joshua.

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