Where can we can find free stock image files?

One of the psychology professors visited our office today, asking some simple PowerPoint lessons. Fang showed him how to use the application in detail. One of his questions was how he can find a free stock image. It is one of the common and tricky questions we usually receive.

It is tricky because, as you guess, copy right issue. Simply because you can search images via Google images, that does not mean that you can use it easily. As the theme of this posting is not a copyright issue, I will discuss about the issue later. Instead, I would like to share the information on how we can find out free stock images

When I got involved in e-learning projects, my go-to place was Tom Kuhlmann’s blog site. He was a well-known figure in Articulate and storyline community, which is one of the successful e-learning community. He has published numerous resources related to e-learning. One of the resources is in the following. Check it out.

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