Ready for Back to School?

Back to school is finally here! Have you started your Classting class yet?

By starting Classting at the beginning of the school year, you’ll be surprised at what a strong community your class will become from the very beginning!

Try starting your class with a fun welcome message. Post a little introduction about yourself and maybe even include a selfie! Your students will feel a more personal connection with you right off the bat.
Use the above image as a temporary class profile picture, until you get a chance to take a picture of your class, for a more friendly looking class page!

Here’s a refresher on how to invite students and parents to your class.

If you need some fresh decorations for your bulletin board, a new bathroom pass, or want a fun award certificate to give to students, check out our free printables that feature our cute Classting friends!

New to Classting? Don’t worry, Classting is a completely free, no hidden fees or charges or premium membership, educational social media platform! It’s easy, safe, and fun for kids to use.

Check out some of our user interviews for testimonials on how and why teachers use Classting!