How Wikipedia helps Companies and Personal Branding?

Wikipedia is a globally renowned open source online encyclopedia. Any Google search typically shows a relevant Wikipedia page on the top and quite honestly, a brand or personal mention on Wikipedia does carry an authority, a measure of trust. It is an effective online marketing tool.

Even though Wikipedia is open source and absolutely anybody can sign-up to create/edit a page, Wikipedia has an active fiefdom of editors who can remove a page or your edits. If you want a Wikipedia page for your brand or in your name, it is essential to hire a qualified and experienced Wikipedia expert.


Being on Wikipedia boosts reputation. Being on Wikipedia creates a trust flow, and does wonder for your business or personal reputation. There is an attached level of authenticity, credibility, and prestige in being present on the encyclopedia.

People looking at your brand or personal reputation will find it credible to see a presence on Wikipedia. Since Wikipedia owns a lot of traction and prime real estate in the Google search results, being referenced on the site or having a dedicated page to your credit increases visibility.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) boost is a by-product of being on Wikipedia. Wait for a couple of hours once you are mentioned on Wikipedia. Do a Google search and your name/brand will pop-up on the first page of a search, displaying the Wikipedia link.

A well-crafted Wikipedia page, which is authorized and permanently placed, is equal to at least $5000 you would have spent in pursuing other SEO strategies. The result is instant, as opposed to days and months of wait to see the results of other SEO activities.

How to Be on Wikipedia?

As I mentioned before, it’s a fiefdom. It’s tough to bypass the moderators sitting there with a hawk’s eye who can flag your page in a matter of seconds. Even though Wikipedia is an open source ecosystem, implying that anyone can create an account and contribute, it truly is tough. For businesses, Wikipedia has a dedicated list of writing guidelines; however, unless you’re dead sure about your Wiki page creation skills, don’t go ahead with this. Take the help from an expert.

To begin with, your business must be renowned, or a person’s name should be worthy of a mention on Wikipedia. Wikipedia does not allow you to create biased or promotional content. Such pages are removed or flagged instantly, and your account banned, in some cases.

First, you need a list of informative articles about the brand or the person. These articles should ideally come from magazines, online newspapers, and trade magazines. You cannot include personal research work as citations. Unless you are a company of Apple or Microsoft’s caliber, you cannot pull information from the company website. Only external resources are allowed, provided they come from reputed magazines or journals. The tone of the brand/personal page content should not sound like an advertisement.

Only an expert Wikipedia contributor can disseminate the difference between advertorial content and informative content. If a company is proven to make its Wikipedia page, it is often flagged for deletion.

Hire an Expert

We are a team of expert Wikipedia content creators and publishers. Our success ratio is 98%, and over the years, we have created tons of Wikipedia pages for brands and individuals. Unless you are ready and eager to sift through endless writing guidelines and risk rejection, consider to hire experts with a proven record of accomplishment.

You should hire experts to minimize the risk of deletion. A business page on Wikipedia gives a backlink to your business and if you know anything about digital marketing, you would be aware of its immense benefits.