Building a Foundation in NEAR

Classy Kangaroos

In January 2022 our journey on NEAR Protocol began with the launch of the Classy Kangaroo NFT collection. 550 Classy Kangaroos receive 4% of all NEAR flipped on Kangaroo Coin Flip; a premium coin flip experience on NEAR Protocol. Classy Kangaroos are the genesis to what we are building and the community will be integral to all other phases of development. In return, Classy Kangaroo NFT holders will directly benefit from the future projects we are building.

The Classy Kangaroo NFT Collection is listed on Paras Marketplace.

Many teams are content with a one dimensional project offering, and that is totally fine. Our vision however spans much further. The NEAR ecosystem is a blank canvas and we are ready to paint.

Classy Kangaroos and Kangaroo Coin Flip are the first components to a multi-phased expansion of the NEAR ecosystem. Our community will be pioneers of the NEAR ecosystem by building a foundation in Decentralized Finance, Entertainment, and the Creator Economy.

Kangaroo Coin Flip

Kangaroo Coin Flip is being developed with dedicated desktop and mobile versions that have a truly premium UI/UX; a rarity in Web3 development. Kangaroo Coin Flip showcases the quality standards that we maintain and will carry onto all future projects.

The concept of Kangaroo Coin Flip is simple; select the amount of NEAR you would like to wager, choose Heads or Tails, then let fate handle the rest. The odds are 50/50 and a 4% fee goes to Classy Kangaroo NFT holders. A portion of the Classy Kangaroo mint proceeds will be utilized to fund the coin flip vault which will lock in NEAR rewards for the victorious flips. Kangaroo Coin Flip is in the final stages of development and will go-live in early March.

Kangaroo Coin Flip Mobile UI

The mobile version of Kangaroo Coin Flip highlights how enjoyable the NEAR Protocol experience can be via mobile device without the requirement of a secondary wallet application.

Strategic Partnerships

In addition to creating the highest quality coin flip game in existence, we have established strategic partnerships with many of the strongest NFT projects on NEAR Protocol. At this time, we have entered partnerships with NEARton, The Dons, Kokumo Kongz, Near Tiger Academy, and Cool Dogs Club to deliver an exclusive coin flip experience for each project. More partnerships will be officially announced soon!

Coin flip partnerships promote exclusive use of our platform to thousands of users within the partnered communities. In return, our partners receive a portion of the NEAR fees generated by their custom coin flip which is deposited into a specified DAO/Treasury wallet.

In many cases the strategic partnerships we have formed go far beyond a customized coin flip offering. For example, we are launching the first mini-game inside NEARton Central Square; a coin flip that uses NEARton’s native NEXP token! Classy Kangaroos are also one of the select projects that can be staked in NEARton to earn the NEXP token as well.

Jump Dex

Why Jump Dex? Because we hop all over the competition!

The Jump Dex is a decentralized exchange and automated market marker with a mission to become the easiest place to exchange cryptocurrency on NEAR Protocol. Furthermore, the Jump Dex will feature a token launchpad that specializes in bringing to market native tokens for the top NFT projects on NEAR. Finally, the Jump Dex is working on a partnership with an NFT marketplace to deliver DeFi and NFT integrations that have never been seen before on any blockchain.

NEAR Protocol’s decentralized finance ecosystem is still very early in its growth curve. Currently, none of the DEX/AMM solutions on NEAR present an easy-to-use interface and this is a huge barrier for new users. The Jump Dex is being designed with a sleek and intuitive UI/UX that is fundamentally easy to operate. For this reason, we believe the Jump Dex has an opportunity to capture a large percentage of new and existing market share on NEAR Protocol.

The Jump Dex IDO Launchpad is positioned for asymmetric success based on the reputation the Classy Kangaroos have forged within the NEAR NFT ecosystem. As NFT technology continues to advance, many project are finding immense value by implementing a token structure. The Jump Dex Launchpad will be the first place any NEAR NFT project goes to launch their token.

In March 2022 the Jump Dex NFT collection will launch to help fund initial development. The Jump Dex will offer a native platform token and a sizeable distribution is allocated to NFT holders. Classy Kangaroo owners receive 1 free Jump Dex NFT for every Classy Kangaroo NFT held!

Good Fortune Felines — NEKO “Meme Coin”

Love it or hate it, every smart contracts blockchain needs a meme coin that the entire community can rally behind. On Solana there is Samoyed “SAMO” coin and on NEAR Protocol there is NEKO token. The truth is, meme coins are extremely effective at onboarding new users into crypto. Where NFT’s are restricted to only a small collection size, NEKO can be owned by millions of holders. NEKO will help catalyze mass adoption on NEAR Protocol.

The Good Fortune Felines NFT collection is the backbone of NEKO token. There are 3,333 uniquely Fortune Felines that can be staked to earn a majority supply of NEKO token; programming long-term value for holders. Classy Kangaroo holders will be awarded 1 free Good Fortune Felines NFT for every Classy Kangaroo NFT that is owned! We are excited for the entire Classy Kangaroo community to take part in the growth of Good Fortune Felines and NEKO token.

Main Goals of NEKO Token:

  • Grow NEAR userbase and contribute to mass adoption on NEAR Protocol.
  • Become the hub of the creator economy by hiring professional content creators to make educational videos about NEAR Protocol, DeFi, and NFTs.
  • Showcase the capabilities of the Jump Dex IDO Launchpad.
  • Accomplish real world change by making impactful donations to charitable organizations.

Jump Dex Sponsorship

There is a ton of synergy that exists between the Jump Dex and NEKO token. NEKO token will be sponsored by the Jump Dex as NEAR Protocol’s #1 meme coin. The amount of free marketing that will provide is insane! Also, NEKO token will be the first to utilize the Jump Dex IDO launchpad. This will allow us to gain extremely valuable perspective on the functionality of the launchpad from both sides. We will use the NEKO IDO experience to identify any bottlenecks within the Jump Dex Launchpad that can be addressed before bringing to market any new tokens.

NEKO Marketing

Marketing is key to the success of any meme coin. This is why the majority of mint proceeds will go to fund the largest marketing campaign ever seen from a project on NEAR Protocol. In fact, Good Fortune Felines is the first NFT project on NEAR to deploy a full scale social media marketing campaign leading up to mint.

The NEKO token marketing campaign will include billboards in Times Square & Beijing, Influencer marketing, and a long run social media marketing campaign.

NEKO Token Disclaimer: The information provided shall not in any way constitute a recommendation as to whether you should invest in any products discussed. The Good Fortune Felines Team accept no liability for any loss occasioned to any person acting or refraining from action as a result of any material provided or published. NEKO token is not a security as per US financial regulation, Europe, UK, Canada, or any other regulation. Good Fortune Felines’ team, developers, and other stakeholders created NEKO as a fun community token only. The ownership of NEKO token does not give any right of return, vote, management, or any other right.



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