The Brilliant work of Oliver Bou Eid

4 min readJul 9, 2019


Thanks for telling us your story Oliver,

Oliver Bou Eid

Tell us about yourself:

First of all,

my name is Oliver Bou Eid, I finished my bachelor degree in Filmmaking, then I pursued my studies in cinematography in Los Angeles and attended many courses and conferences in Germany to enhance my capacities in visual effects & animation.

We heard that you’re working on a Sci-Fi short called “Cyverius” with Alphonso Mcauley? Tell us more about it…

Yeah, “Cyverius” is a science fiction short directed by Alphonso Mcauley and written by the foster kids and managed by “kids in the spotlight — Empowering Foster Kids Through Filmmaking”.

Was it the first time you work with Alphonso? How was it?

Actually yeah, it was a pleasure working with Alphonso on set and being the director of photography and Visual Effects Supervisor, Alphonso was looking for someone who can make his vision of “Cyverius” come true, so he reached me out and found that I was the perfect fit for this job since I’m a DP and VFX Artist at the same time. Alphonso wanted to create an imaginary planet, a spaceship, and a “void” environment. We actually had one day to finish a 7min short. It was hectic but thanks to the crew and especially Anthony Cook the producer/AD who organized everything, we managed to finish on time and have wonderful results.

Oliver Bou Eid on set working on “Cyverius” with Alphonso Mcauley

Is that true that CBS studios were involved too?

CBS studios provided us with the equipment. They sent us all their inventory and gave me the opportunity to choose whatever I want from big lights to small ones.

How many film crews was on the set? What camera did you shoot on?

We were fifteen, with actors twenty… It was a big film crew we had two Arri Alexa cameras with Cooke prime lenses; we really needed two cameras so we can finish in one day.

Oliver Bou Eid on set working on “Cyverius” with Alphonso Mcauley

If you had a chance to work alongside another director who would that be?

I really like Steven Spielberg’s movies, E.T., Jurassic Park,…etc I love Sci-Fi movies and would love to work with him on set one day.

How was your experience with Alphonso Mcauley?

Alphonso is really nice and smooth to work with, he’s open to any option you suggest. He’s a clever and fantastic director and has a real sense of humor.

Chroma key/GreenScreen setup for “Cyverius”

When will Cyverius be released and where can we watch it?

Alphonso is still editing Cyverius, the graphics will take two months of work. It will be screened in paramount studios in September 2019.

What projects do you have coming up?

I’ll be working on “Cyverius” post-production right now, creating the Spaceship and the environment; I also have a new commercial TV-Advertisement for Commish Kit | Fantasy Football Draft Board Kits that I will be directing, editing and creating graphics; at the same time I’m working along with Anthony cook, Adam Gharib, James Hatcher, Antonio Laqaula & Mayur Patankar at Illumination Situation, LLC. company on many projects coming soon.

Do you like helping people as you did for the foster kids? and what is your best piece of advice for aspiring artists?

Helping people was always my pleasure,

I’ve been a boy scout for 10 years and I really know how to make people happy and how much this means for them.

Letting the foster kids see their script being projected on a big screen in Paramount studios will not only make me happy but also grateful for having this opportunity to draw a smile on a child’s face. I love helping other people and doing charity work.

The best piece of advice that I can give to aspiring artists is to follow their dreams to achieve the best they can. Everything is possible when one believes in himself. Life has taught me to endure and realize my dreams by working hard.

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